The Intelligence Behind Boraie Development

With the billions of dollars diverted into investing, it is safe to say the United State is a developed nation. With that being said, the real estate market is a thriving place right now. In fact, it is booming. This holds true especially in places such as New Brunswick and New York City, the city that never sleeps. Aside from being the most populous city in the United States, New York City is full of luxurious properties. Yet, there is a neighboring state that is also full of potential. In addition, this city is home to a multi-million dollar figure. His name is Omar Boraie. In the Northeast alone, Omar is well known throughout the region. His business deal endeavors are larger than life.

Throughout his community, Omar is known as a role model and philanthropist. According to, it was his company that transformed the entire landscape of New Brunswick. Also, his story is like no other. The founder of Boraie Development began his real estate dominance with plans as a newly settled immigrant from Egypt. Sure enough, Omar inherited the American Dream. That is for sure. When Omar arrived in America, he already knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to take over the real estate market by storm, which he did. In addition, Omar is not to be mistaken for a novice one-dimensional real estate agent. Boraie Development created several of the buildings that stand today in New Brunswick. They are also responsible a lot of the investments that have taken place in the city too. In addition, Boraie Development has plans to spread to other parts of New Jersey. Aside from real estate, Omar is a profound philanthropist. He offers a host of initiatives to the communities he serves. This is no secret. In particular, Omar provides meals to the hungry. Enriching the communities that he serves is something Omar takes very seriously. At the age of 73, Omar is still a much full of vigor. His passion burns as hot as it always has. To this day, he continues to be an inspiration for all to see. View Omar Boraie’s full bio  on

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Ensuring That Your Online Business Reputation Remains Positive

There is the adage if you have a customer that has enjoyed your product or service they will share their experience with one other person. If, however, you have a customer who has a very poor or terrible experience with your product or service they will tell twenty-five other people. This is simple word of mouth. Now, multiply that with the power of the internet and you can see that your online reputation is vital for the survival and viability of your business.

In an article by it is made abundantly clear that the key to maintaining a positive reputation online can be summed up in one word, Transparency.

  • Transparency

There is no hiding on the internet. If you place information on the world-wide web then it is there for the entire world to see. As a business owner, this is exactly what you want. Everyone should see how wonderful your business is. What an excellent product you have what a unique service you must offer. As explains these are the types of things that basic SEO tries to accomplish. It is their bread and butter.

However, this type of exposure also leads to basically three types of followers.

  1. The first type is those who loved your product and is sharing that information on as much of their social media that they can.
  2. The second type is those who did not have the best experience and are also sharing their displeasure with all their social media.
  3. The third are your competitors who are trying to hurt your business and will do virtually anything to harm your online reputation.

Each of the above scenarios must be handled in the same manner. Not with a heavy-handed tirade filled with expletives and threats, but in a professional manner. A manner that displays real concern and thoughtfulness. As an example, let’s say that you are a computer store owner and you have sold a brand-new computer to a new client. This client now goes online and gets a virus and the computer begins to run slow and eventually stops working completely. On their Facebook, as well their Twitter account they begin a campaign that rivals that of Genghis Khan sweeping through the low lands of Asia. What should your response be?

Apologize for the problems they are having with their computer. Tell them to bring their computer back into your store and you will do whatever it takes to bring their computer back online, and help ensure that whatever happened you will do your very best to rectify that the same situation never happens again. Secondly, go through your client list where someone experienced the same problem. Explain how you solved the problem and if you have a positive review from the past client post that in as many places as possible to illustrate that you are a responsible business owner and that your customers are your most important asset.

Once you have repaired the problem for your new client has them write a review for you. Post that prominently on all your social media along with the original complaint. It sounds like a simple thing but it is the heart and soul of maintaining your online reputation.

In the final analysis, it is the basics of the Golden Rule applied in the modern context of the internet of things that will keep your online reputation intact and positive.

Securus Technologies Makes Internet Headlines

Securus Technology recently made Internet headlines for its wonderful technology that was accepted in numerous prisons throughout the United States. One of the main reasons why Securus made the headlines was due to the safety prison employees feel now that this technology is installed within the prison. Many of these employees publicly displayed online how safe they feel on a daily basis. Guards are watched more than ever, and they not only have video surveillance on them but audio surveillance, too. Once prison employee explained how this was never possible under previous security systems.


It has been discovered that Securus Technologies will be nominated for at least a dozen different awards throughout the year. All of these awards will be due to the recent headline that included positive feedback from thousands of prisons. It has been established that no other inmate communication company has made an impact like Securus Technologies. Securus has beforehand extended their gratitude for any award they will win in the future. They have also agreed to donate any money they receive from any of these awards. This money will go to charities and to the study of bettering inmate communication. Securus is going to make all of this financial information public.


Securus Technologies has also stated that its goal is to protect the community as much as it exists to protect inmates and prison guards. They are working on more programs that will involve lowering crime in cities, especially large cities. They want to earn the trust of the community, just as they have earned the trust of prisons.


Many state officials are happy that Securus Technologies wants to get involved with the community. State officials have seen the great work Securus has done in prisons all around the United States, so these officials know Securus will do the same great job within communities.


CTRMA to Alleviate the Transit Problem of Williamson County

Along with the growth of a region comes the need for expansion of the transit system. Without catering to that need the transportation in the said region becomes congested, time-consuming and it can even become very dangerous.

That is exactly the problem that Williamson County, Texas has been experiencing recently. At the Williamson County Growth Summit, the transit problem for the area was first and foremost on the agenda. At the Summit were present some people whose duty is to take care of such situations.

For example, some of the guests were Mike Heilingenstein, Joseph Kopser, and Jared Ficklin. The latter is a part of ArgoDesign and works as a road system designer. He made the suggestion of building an aerial gondola system as a solution to the transit problem of Williamson County.

Mike Heilingenstein, who is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, however, disagreed with the suggestion.

He agreed that there had been a long list f inventions in recent years that have potentially alleviated the traffic in many places all over the world. At the same time, driverless vehicles are not a readily available means of transport, and ridesharing apps are not at all as widely used as they should be to make a big difference.

 Heilingenstein pointed out that the transit system of Williamson County is an excellent one and instead of starting from scratch and building something entirely new, it would be better to only work with what they have and expand upon it and make it good enough to accommodate the needs of the citizens of the area.

At the rate of which the region is growing there would be no time for bigger projects. Everyone at the Summit agreed with Mike Heilingenstein. What the suburbs of the County need are smarter building.

According to Crunchbase, Mike Heilingenstein and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority will be overlooking the project. The CTRMA was established in early 2002. It is an agency independent from the government.

The responsibility of the Central Texas, Regional Mobility Authority, is to take care of the regional transportation of the greater Austin area and to make sure that the transit systems in places such as Williamson County are as safe and as efficient as possible. One of the first and most remembered projects on the CTRMA is 183A which was the first road to transition to an electronic collection of tolls without the use of cash.

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Investors Are Pouring Money Into Brazilian Healthcare And Education Startups

The story of Brazil’s decline is well documented on Fiscal mismanagement, political issues, low commodity prices, and China’s import restrictions, left Brazil with empty economic pockets four years ago. Almost overnight, Brazil went from the darling of the emerging market union to a country struggling to keep its economic growth pants on. Growth stopped in Brazil in 2016. The economy contracted by more than 3.2 percent last year, but economists and investors like Flavio Maluf, the CEO of the big building material supply company Eucatex, say Brazil is back on track.

Brazil has a population of more than 200 million, and almost half of those people are connected to the Internet. And 43 million Internet users connect to the Internet using a mobile device. Brazil has almost as many Facebook, YouTube and Twitter users as the United States, and Brazil has as many or more mobile devices in service. Flavio Maluf and other investors realize that the Brazilian economic marketplace is changing. More than 4,200 Startups have come on the scene in the last six years. And those companies are Internet savvy.

Maluf is the first to say Brazil still has an uphill economic battle on its hands. The interest rate at is still not that attractive to investors from Silicon Valley and other tech areas. And the antiquated tax and labor laws and crumbling infrastructure in the large Brazilian cities scare some investors. But Maluf knows those issues are not stopping young entrepreneurs who understand digital marketing, innovation ad campaigns, and consumer loyalty. Startups are the future in Brazil, and investors like Flavio Maluf are leading the charge to bring Brazil out of the dark ages and into the economic world of cyberspace.

Eucatex, Maluf’s family company, is one of Brazil’s early success stories. Eucatex was founded in 1951, and the company hasn’t stopped growing. Flavio Maluf became president in 1997, and he changed the dynamics of the company. Eucatex now has four factories in the state of Sao Paulo, and offices located in other parts of the world. Maluf is responsible for making Eucatex a leader in the building material supply industry, and one of Brazil’s foremost environmentally friendly companies.

Tony Petrello: Leading A Major International Oil And Gas Servicer And Supplier Is Definetely Not For Lightweights

Providing leadership over a major, international gas and oil provider of equipment and services is definitely not something for persons without a great deal of determination, strategic-thinking and vision. Tony Petrello, undeniably, possesses all of the characteristics mentioned.

Tony Petrello is CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board as well as Chairman of the Executive Committee of Nabors Industries, Ltd. Tony Petrello is continually inspiring, excellence, as to standards, from Nabors Industries, Ltd.’s labor force and management, in general.

It is Tony Petrello, that does not allow challenges to block progress. He merely comes up with the appropriate solutions. This is something that takes a great deal of intelligent thinking. Strategy is everything in a highly competitive, economic environment–especially, within a world-class operation–and Nabors Industries, Ltd., is undoubtedly, a world-class company.

The comfort and convenience of the operator is paramount. The preceding reason is why Tony Petrello, assures that the best and latest-and-greatest well-digging equipment and automation is provided out in the field.

When the operator is comfortable with what it is he is doing: greater results follow. The goal is to drill as quickly, precisely and effectively as possible. Tony Petrello easily recognizes it. He always minimizes risk by way of assuring the proper equipment is deployed at the site: the best equipment for the task at hand.

Another way, Tony Petrello makes certain operations are performed, as effectively as possible, is by leveraging resources. He does so: by forming alliances with other organizations, within the oil and gas market. He is not shy about assuring alliances are formed, in order to perfect the entire operational process. The preceding approach is not only cost-effective, it is welcome. Working with a team spirit is a sign of a highly sophisticated leadership style.

Anthony Petrello is also a Mathematical genius. He attained two Math degrees from the Ivy League College of Yale University. He holds a B.S. degree in Mathematics, and an M.S. degree in Mathematics. He earned a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

Having a firm educational footing, Tony Petrello, next, worked for the highly prestigious international law firm of Baker McKenzie. He became Managing Partner, while working for the firm–working in New York. Afterward, he joined Nabors Industries, Ltd.

Tony Petrello’s strategic thinking has made cash-flows more streamlined. He assures that Nabors Industries, Ltd., maintains a solid financial statement. Tony Petrello maintains highly-valued relationships with company’s within the oil and gas sector, world-wide. This is something that is not a commonality. it requires the best in communication skills in order to work with entities, on an international basis.

As a result of Tony Petrello’s leadership style, the well-respected organization: Nabors Industries, Ltd, maintains a unique international portfolio. Tony Petrello’s ability to communicate, easily, across many industry segments–internationally and domestically, remains a God-send to the prestigious organization. His financial stratagem is second-to-none.

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The Secret Methods EOS Lip Balm Used To Become A Leader In The Already Over Saturated Market.

What do you do when your new startup company wants to break into an already over saturated market place and get your fair share of the market? That is the same question that the staff of EOS lip balm might have had to answer. EOS which is short for the company name Evolution Of Smooth was a small startup company who was looking to sell lip balm. The competition, if you can call it that, was huge. There was already a leader that was selling lip balm and people bought it and used it. However, Evolution Of Smooth thought their product was better and they thought they could take their fair share of the market, but, what did the customer think and what was the plan?

EOS lip Balm Company knew they had to have a solid plan and behind the door of the secret office, a plan was starting to develop. The company knew that they could become the choice for the new generation when it came to lip balm. The other lip balm companies made an okay product, but, it was just okay, not great. EOS was a better product, made to feel less like car wax and they also worked on making EOS have some amazing and different flavors.

EOS lip balm knew that flavor was a key ingredient. They also knew that people would like a new design for their container. Most of the items came in a tube and EOS wanted to go tubeless. A ball shape was designed and that is how EOS lip balm comes to the marketplace. The Evolution of Smooth Company started offering their product in drug stores, dollar stores, online stress eBay and and other places where some of the other lip balm were not already on sale. As a result their sales grew and they became a global leader in the market.
For more info, visit the EOS Facebook page.

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There Are A Number Of Reasons To Switch To Securus Today

Manage the amount of time you spend talking to your loved ones in a correctional facility. In fact, leading providers like Securus Technologies will ensure the safety of the general public. In a recent PRN News article, Securus customers were quick to respond to illegal activity and report it to the appropriate authorities. Securus maintains a positive relationship with their customers and encourage feedback. They have switched to a network provider, but still insists on the safety of the public. Their high level of customer service satisfaction has allowed them to win the BBB Accreditation award. Talk to your loved ones in a correctional facility with unlimited opportunities to save.


Securus Technologies provides services that are backed by big names like Vimeo and JPay Services. They offer high definition video interaction that encourages their customers to pay a small flat fee for remote visitation. Thousands of customers are now choosing Securus over other networks like Global Tel-Link. Their prices far exceeded their regular surcharges $4 to $1. Securus provides fast friendly service and eliminates dropped calls. You’ll never have to plan a trip to a correctional facility with interactive technological features and this benefits their disabled and out of state customers.


Securus Technologies Services


Advanced Pay Options


Advanced pay features leave you feeling energetic about spending time with your loved ones in a correctional facility. Pay over the phone or use their website to utilize programs from a registered account. You must be 18 years of age or older to register for an account.


Inmate Voicemail


For as little as $1, you can leave an inmate in a correctional facility a voicemail message. They can check their messages when they have access to their phone privileges.


Join the premier Securus Technologies team today and stay connected to your loved ones in a correctional institution.


The Miracle of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

In 2012, at the age of 22, young entrepreneur Ryan Emmons co-founded Waiakea, a bottled water company based in Hawaii. He was in the prime of his youth, and found it hard to work with other bottled water companies whose founders were all much older. So, he joined with other young entrepreneurs to work on creating a premium product that could not only be sustainable, but healthy, environmentally conscious, and ethical. As of October 2015, Waiakea has grown as a company by 4000% sinc 2012.

It all started when Emmons and his college buddy, Matt Meyer, landed on an opportunity to rent a well in Hawaii for the next 99 years. Since water is considered a precious resource by the Hawaiian natives, the well was only available for rent. Emmons and took the opportunity and founded Waiakea water in his freshman year at University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water originates from the snow and rain that trickles down Mauna Loa, an active volcano on the main island of Hawaii. This source is amongst the most pure water on Earth, and because it filters through thousands of feet of volcanic rock, Waiakea water contains numerous minerals that promote bone, skin, and hair health.

Luckily, Mauna Loa is abundant in water so Emmons has been able to share his wealth with those in need. Every time someone buys a bottle of Waiakea Water, 650ml of clean H2O is donated to various disadvantaged communities in Malawi.

Not only are others saved by Ryan Emmons company, but the planet is saved as well. Each and every bottle of Waiakea water is made out of 100% recycled material, and takes 85% less energy to produce, bringing truth to the company’s slogan “drink healthy, drink sustainably, drink ethically”.

According to Specialty Food, being such a healthy, sustainable, and ethical product, how much does a bottle of Waiakea Water actually cost? At $1.79 for half a liter, Waiakea water is cheaper than most of its premium water competition! And of course, the taste is uniquely soft and refreshing according to Ryan Emmons.

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Kim Dao Shares Best Makeups

Kim Dao, a well-known person on YouTube, along with fellow YouTuber Sunnydahye, recently shared their favorite makeups of 2016. Each shared their own top 10 products so there were 20 featured altogether.

The first category is face makeup, and Kim Dao’s favorite is Face Blur. It fills in your pores, gives her a flawless looking finish, and only costs about $10. Sunnydahye chose Milchak Skin BB cream as her favorite. In the next category Kim Dao said Double Lasting Foundation from Etude House was her favorite, and Sunnydahye went with Meterorites by Euerlain.

Kim Dao really likes the BB Cushion April Skin which she says it gives you a full coverage in just one layer. Another favorite of Kim Dao is a mascara base called Dr. Mascara Fixer which makes her eyelashes look a lot longer. Her favorite blush for 2016 was “How ‘Bout Them Apples?” because it features six colors.

Kim said her favorite highlighter for the year was Too Cool For School Artclass by Rodin. Sunnydahye’s next selection was eyeliner/highlighter hybrid called Colourpot and she liked it because it gives her skin a more glowing look. Another of Kim Dao’s favorite 2016 makeups was the bronzer that Too Cool For School puts out.

Kim Dao and Sunnydahye wrap up their list with a Wine Lipstick & Lip Tint products for Kim and Sunnydahye really likes a Kyle Cosmetics lipstick.