The Benefits Of Great Conditioner

When you are looking at what might help your hair, you should look into Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner. Taking care of your hair is so important and you really need to know what you can do in order to make it look great.

Damage to Hair

There are a lot of things that can damage your hair. Heat is a highly damaging thing to put on your hair, but we still do it for styling. There are things that you can do in order to help repair the damage and keep it from happening. The biggest is the oil that you can put on your hair before you use the heat.

Another thing that can help with your damage is the conditioner you may be using. Wen Cleansing conditioner, created by Chaz Dean, can help to take the stuff that damaged hair off of it and get it started again fresh. It also can help fill in the spaces in the hair where the damage has already happened. This can rebuild your hair and make it beautiful and soft again. That is a big deal when you are looking at what you can do to help your damaged hair.

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Cleansing Conditioner

There are a lot of times when cleansing conditioner can benefit your hair. If you use a lot of products, you need something that is going to help take the junk off your hair. This can be the styling products as well as the heat damage that you might have with your hair.

There are a lot of ways damage can happen to your hair. Knowing that conditioner can help not just to fill in the areas of the hair that are thin as well as to take the junk out of your hair. This can help to make things look and feel better. Take your time and try Wen by Chaz to help get and keep your hair feeling its best.

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How to keep up with Your Online Reputation

According to an article posted on Supermarket News website, reputation management is crucial to every business. Given the new era of social media, negative opinions on business can spoil a business reputation within a short period. Likewise, consistent positive reviews against a business profile can attract more customers.

Clients often use platforms to get information about companies offering the best services and quality brands. If a customer comes into contact with a negative opinion regarding your business, they are likely to shy away from transacting with you.

On the other hand, if customers get positive reviews about your business then they will want to know your business and opt to get services from you. Therefore, excellent services attract good reviews that in turn boost sales and profits.

Many potential clients often visit and use social media platforms. As a result, a company’s social media platforms should be regularly monitored to follow up on comments left by customers when they visit their social media accounts.

It is essential that you respond to all comments and reviews about your business. When responding, use polite and professional language instead of opposing opinions. Such tactical responses are likely to win your customers’ trust back.

A company can use online reputation as a platform to grow its market and sales. Building a better reputation by responding to issues professionally keeps your current customers and attracts new ones due to the values portrayed while giving service.

Besides keeping a better reputation, companies should update their online profiles with recent updates and information. Customers will always look for a company with detailed information on the range of services they provide. Use attractive photos that are relevant to the services you provide to capture the interest of your customers.

The online platforms increase your company’s opportunity to engage with your clients and add zest to your marketing efforts. It is therefore recommended that you retain your online presence while watching out for negative reviews and even misleading online information that may be posted by your business rivals. Encourage customers to review your business positively. This will enhance your reputation and reward you with more sales.


A Review Of How IAP Worldwide Is Building The Technical Services Industry

Since the company was incepted in 1953, IAP Worldwide has invested in the acquisition of better technology and adding highly technical fields to its services on Hoovers. It has expanded its scope of operations and is currently the leader when it comes to the provision f global scale logistics.

IAP Worldwide is also identified as the only company to assist the U.S. Army with technical support for more than three decades. The company has been active in ensuring the forces are provided with all technical support that can help them implement different duties in overseas bases.

To grow and become the successful company it is today, IAP Worldwide invested heavily in training and upgrading the technology used by the company while offering different services. They have a team of professionals on who are trained to deal with issues revolving around different areas like the aviation industry. Additionally, IAP Worldwide has enjoyed focused management from professionals who have been in the industry for many years.

Reliable power solutions
Many companies have been using the power solutions IAP Worldwide offers to cater for different needs at specific times. IAP offers both permanent and temporary solutions that help businesses and companies to remain powered even during emergencies.

Under the permanent power solutions, IAP Worldwide has engineers who analyze the power needs presented by a customer then come up with a custom power solution on that can serve a unit for a long period of time. The company also comes in to offer maintenance services to their different clients, so it is a focused and organized system that allows businesses to enjoy harmony while running day to day operations.

Most importantly, IAP Worldwide has championed the use of renewable sources of energy that are ideal for the conservation of the environment. The solutions the company has offered under this category include solar and wind energy, which are harnessed and stored for future needs.

Custom engineered infrastructure
Clients who want to install custom infrastructure can also get support through the engineering department of IAP Worldwide. The company works with engineers and designers who offer solutions that are ideal and directed at catering for specific issues presented by clients.

The experts first visit the site to review the kind of technology needed to serve the demands of the client before coming up with a draft that should provide a custom solution to the problem. It does not matter whether it is a long term project or an emergency being addressed, IAP Worldwide offers timely solutions that are aimed at enhancing productivity. See:,_Inc./Salary

Richard DeVos Believes In Leveling The Education Playing Field

Richard “Dick” DeVos is the eldest son of Grand Rapids, Michigan’s favorite citizen and Amway co-founder Richard DeVos. Quite the businessman and philanthropist in his own right, DeVos headed Amway and the family-owned Orlando Magic Basketball team for a combined twenty years.


After making Amway one of the most profitable corporations in the U.S., the younger Dick DeVos decided it was time to move on. He founded his own company, The Windquest Group in 2010.


On of the greatest compliments DeVos has received is the fact that he has never let wealth go to his head. He is a man who believes in philanthropy and the betterment of others who are less fortunate.


“I have always believed that a good education is the key to success.” DeVos and his wife Betsy have always been on the forefront of education. The DeVoses philanthropic foundation has given millions of dollars toward the state’s education system. “You can’t just stop with giving money,” says DeVos. “You have to get into the trenches and really fight.”


According to DeVos, the road to providing a better education was long and arduous. School choice is something that came with a great deal of resistance. “Not everyone was onboard. It took a while to change some minds,” said DeVos.


Education is the key to unlock doors that would otherwise be shut. Unfortunately, many inner-city schools lack the funding to provide an adequate education. Parents should have the right to send their children to schools that will provide the best education, according to DeVos.


So strong was DeVos’ conviction, he ran to unseat incumbent Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm in 2006. Although he lost, the experience emboldened him to make another run in the future.


In his spare time, he loves to fly airplanes and sail on his award-winning boat.

Handy Cleaning And Handyman Services Continues To Grow

In today’s fast-paced world a growing number of people need help with cleaning and handyman services. Handy is a company that offers the perfect solution. They have a staff of well-trained, insured, experienced professionals prepared to clean and repair people’s homes and offices and get them in order. Founded in 2012 by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, the company no handles over a million bookings each week from clients that need anything from cleaning and furniture delivery to help with plumbing, shopping, electrical services, installing shelves and shopping.

Using to take care of services in your home or office is a breeze. All you have to do is download their app and fill out the request for the services you need. A Handy staff member will confirm your reservation, find out when you’d like the service people to arrive and process your payment electronically. Clients can get Handy services on as little as one days notice. Plus the company has a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the service Handy will give you your money back. However, their rapidly growing client list indicates most customers are satisfied.

Hanrahan and Duah met while attending Harvard Business School. When Hanrahan began having trouble finding quality workers to clean and repair his investment properties in Eastern Europe, he contacted Duah. They soon realized many people throughout the U.S. and Canada were having the same problem. They created Handy to meet those needs. Their goal is to offer clients the easiest, most cost-effective and convenient way to get quality household services done quickly. And the response has been nothing short of amazing. Today Handy offers services in 28 cities worldwide.

The services the company offers are many and diverse. They include:




Electrical Services

Moving Help


Furniture Assembly.

TV Mounting

Hanging Shelves and Pictures

Blinds and Curtains

Air Conditioner

Knobs and Locks

Garbage Disposal

Handy staff is available for home, office and vacation rental cleaning and handyman services. Anything you want done, simply ask the professionals at Handy. Whether you use the app or visit, you can book and schedule the cleaning and handyman services you need in seconds. Handy has a reputation for having highly-skilled, experienced, friendly, courteous workers that arrive on time and do excellent work. Plus the company has continued to add new services to meet the needs of their growing customer base.



Brian Bonar Is The Dream Boss

When people draw up a dream boss or a boss they would like to work for, it looks a lot like Brian Bonar. He knows what he is doing, he is experienced, he is kind, and he truly loves the job. He has it all and that is why he received the Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance for his work as CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation. This is an award that is only given out to two women and two men each year. Needless to say, if someone has won this award or is part of that group, they are pretty special.

Brian Bonar is a special individual and a special boss. One of the things about him that truly stands out is the fact that he has nearly thirty years of experience in the financial sector in management positions.

Generally speaking, most people don’t like bosses. For bosses, they would come back and say that it is not their job to be liked and it is their job to get the best out of their employees and get them on the same page. That is the thing about Brian Bonar. He is well-liked and his employees go the extra mile for him.

He is the kind of CEO that people would run through a brick wall for, because of how much he gives to them. It is a give and take relationship and Brian knows that.

He knows that he needs to assemble a great team around him in order to succeed in his industry. If he tried to take it on all by himself, he would be burnt out and he would not be doing an effective job. However, when someone has the experience that he has, they have seen a lot, done a lot, and experienced a lot. That counts for a ton when it comes to this line of work.

It is no secret that it takes a thick skin to perform this type of job. There is a lot of risk involved, but there is also a great reward when the job is done well and the job is done the right way. According to Bloomberg, that is what gets Brian Bonar up in the morning: the chance to mold young minds, do a great job, and make a difference in someone’s life.

It is not hard to see Brian doing this for a number of years. He still has the same enthusiasm and the same joy. Nothing has changed with him, except that he has adapted to the times and rolled with the punches. He is a winner and he is a survivor and there is no one more deserving of this award than him.

David J. Osio Set to Increase Philanthropic Support Globally

David Osio, a businessman, works hard to make the world a better place through philanthropy. He is well known for supporting the community, art, medical research and music. He has partnered with several non-profit organizations for over two decades in supporting art, culture and the people in communities where his businesses are based. Osio is involved in growing his financial services and expanding assistance to charitable organizations on a universal scale. He has notably offered his support to the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) for all the years that he has being an Orchestra Board member. The CEO of Davos Financial Group stated that he is an annual supporter of MISO and it gives him immense pleasure to see the Symphony stay in operation through their donations to ensure joy is delivered to the community.


David Osio has been a supporter of the International Foundation for a long time and the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation where he is the traditional EPK events sponsor every year. He believes that every help no matter how small makes a difference especially in the field of medical research for children. David hopes that one day fortunate people will come together and offer financial assistance to this cause. As the CEO and founder of the Davos Financial Group Advisory group, David is steering his company in the right direction and positioning it strategically well in the markets both domestic and international. This has seen a remarkable improvement in the amount of income levels and an expansion into cities that are strategic like Lisbon, Geneva, Miami, Panama City and New York.


Osio has made it a point to ensure that he continues charitable growth in every new city that his business operates in. He offers support to the Fundana Foundation, UMA Foundation and the Wayuu Taya Foundation. He also funded the Saludarte Foundation in Miami that deals in arts. His efforts have seen him win several international recognition and awards.


About David Osio


Osio is the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group (DFG). He is responsible for the domestic and international strategy. In the last 20 years, he has managed to transform DNG to become a global company with its offices based in key financial centers in the world. David Osio is a Law graduate of the Catholic University Andres Bello, Caracas. He worked in Venezuela as a director at Legal Desk MGO offering legal advice to multi-nationals like Consolidated Bank and Ferro. He specialized in IESA (Institute of Higher Administration Studies) and also studied Management Investment Portfolios, New York Institute of Finance.

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Bruce Levenson: sportsman, businessman, entrepreneur,philanthropist

Professional sports enterprises employ millions today in a huge variety of jobs. The business of sports is a mainstay of a flourishing economy and the efficient and savvy management of teams makes this possible.Businessmen like Time Magazine’s Bruce Levenson are the lifeblood of this important segment of the American economy.

Born in 1949 and an alumnus of several universities, Levenson has the attributes of a family background of hard work and industrious involvement. Beginning with several successful and productive enterprises, he ought the Atlanta Hawks in 2004 from Turne Enterprises. The team saw significant success in the highly competitive NBA environment and the team flourished.

In 2014 the team was sold ( Read: and continues its overall success. Levenson is also known as a prolific philanthropist.He is a consistent donor to and supporter of social charities in the Washington DC area and a vocal supporter of Jewish and Israel support causes. He has been honored by all of these on many occasions. He and his wife,Karen, also developed the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland to develop nonprofit leaders and administrators.Bringing a business and entrepreneurial talent base to nonprofit management has proven to be of significant value in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

By bringing a background of legal, business and entrepreneurial skills into the world of philanthropy, Bruce Levenson has made significant contributions to Amerasian society that will last and endure for decades to come.


SEC’s Whistleblower Program: What Exactly Does it Entail?

SEC Whistleblower is one of the special programs that were introduced into the country’s legal system by the Congress in 2010. The program is currently implemented by the Securities Exchange Commission. It is just a small part of the larger act that was introduced by the Congress to bring back sanity in the financial industry, which was on the brink of experiencing a depression due to corruption and other forms of malpractices. The entire legislation was known as Dood-Frank Wall Street and Consumer Protection Act. It was branded one the most effective overhaul of the United State’s financial regulation since the great economic depression that hit the world after World War I.

It is now six years since the program started and a lot is yet to be achieved. We have heard of cases of awards from the SEC with the recent one being $17 million to a whistleblower represented by Labaton Sucharow law firm. However, the recent changes in trends could point to a positive direction for this program. Most law firms have begun to recognize the huge potential the program holds. With the awards expected to increase significantly in future, more law firms are establishing departments with well-trained whistleblower lawyers.

But how does this program work? First, a whistleblower means a person who is willing to expose wrongdoings in the financial industry. He or she has the option of going to SEC or hiring a lawyer. The lawyer uses the information given to him or her by the whistleblower to present a case to SEC. Once SEC finds the offenders guilty, it issues sanctions, which has to be honored by the affected parties. A whistleblower will then receive between 10 to 30 percent of the total amount of collected sanctions.

Whistleblowers are often subjected to intimidation by the companies they expose. In such scenarios, SEC allows them to present their cases anonymously. This way, they can protect themselves against any form of retaliatory attempt by the affected companies. a whistleblower is also protected from losing his or her job in the process. In most cases, SEC makes sure whistlbower’s cover is not compromised.

If you suspect a wrongdoing in your workplace or any other company you know, do not hesitate to contact a whistleblower attorney. Remember your silence allows the malpractice and violation to continue, and in the end, you might become a victim directly or indirectly.

David Osio, a financial has heightened his philanthropic efforts to a global level

David Osio, an entrepreneur in New York, has always been known for his philanthropic efforts to support art, music, and medical research in the community. He is always determined to make a positive difference in the world.

Within his business territories, David Osio has worked with some non-profit making organizations that aim to support people’s culture and art. Apart from the growing financial services he has also expanded his support to charitable organizations globally. Making the world a better place to be for everyone is his greatest desire. As one of the members of the Orchestra board, he has for many years supported Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) by giving donations.

“We are an annual supporter of the Miami Symphony Orchestra” stated David J. Osio, the Davos Financial Group CEO.

Osio has also been supporting international foundations for many years, for instance, The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation where he sponsored the EPK events each year. He acknowledges that every help or donation towards medical research for children, no matter the quantity, is very significant. He calls upon every potential donor who can contribute in supporting community-based activities.

Other supporting deeds done by Osio includes donations to the Fundana Foundation, UMA Foundation, as well as the Wayuu Taya Foundation. David Osio played a vital role in supporting the arts including the financial aid he gave to the Saludarte Foundation of Art in Miami. His latest philanthropic act was when he sponsored the exhibition of an artist named Carlos Cruz-Diez.

David Osio is the founder and the CEO of Davos Financial group. The company’s primary activity is providing financial advice to their customers. Osio was able to propel the company’s performance leading a gradual positioning of other several independent companies in New York, Geneva, Miami as well as Panama. His financial expertise had grown gradually over the years from managing different companies before he founded Davos and also from the training he underwent with the American Bank Association and the Swiss Bank.

Through the charitable contributions in collaboration with other organizations, Davis Osio and Davos Financial Group has been applauded through various international awards. The awards include South Florida Business Leaders 2009; the Medal of Honor from the United States Congress; Best Offshore Corporate Service Provider (by a New York magazine), and Movers and Shakers 2009. Also, the 2014 Miami Award Winner in a program which recognizes companies in Miami area that has significant achievements and has positively contributed towards the community betterment.

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