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OSI Group Expands its Portfolio of Groundbreaking Brands and Solutions through a Series of Acquisitions

OSI Group is one of the top food processing firms, dedicated to changing the food industry for the better by providing outstanding food products and solutions. It is a trusted supplier of beef, poultry, pork, seafood, bacon, and sausage. It also offers vegetable, fruit, dough as well as cheese-based products. The firm has several food processing plants headquartered in the Asia-Pacific areas, America, and Europe. OSI Group, LLC opened its doors in 1909 under the name, Otto Kolschwsky Meat Market, LLC, before rebranding to OSI Group, LLC back in 1975. The company operates from its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois and regional offices in the U.S., Germany, China, and the U.K.

Fantastic global presence and acquisitions

OSI Group boasts an international food network comprised of more than 65 manufacturing facilities and a workforce of more than 20,000 competent workers spread in 17 nations. The firm has streamlined its operation throughout its network by putting in place Global Councils to deliver ideas, share flawless practices, and provide top-notch solutions to its large pool of loyal clients globally.

OSI Group has been consistently implementing strategies meant to expand its operations and increase its income levels. In 2016, the company acquired three major players in the food service and retail industries. They include:

1. Baho Foods

In 2016, OSI signed a deal that saw Baho Foods become its subsidiary firm. Baho Foods is a prominent Dutch company that processes and supplies meat products. It delivers food products such as snacks, deli meats, and convenience foods to the food service market. It operates in Netherlands and Germany, and it has five affiliate firms: Bakx Foods, Gelderland Frischwaren, Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience, and Henri Van de Bilt. These companies have served clients in over 18 European nations for close to six decades. OSI Group’s president, David G. McDonald, said the acquisition gives his company a strong presence in Europe and boost its portfolio of innovative products and brands.

2. Flagship Europe

After a series of negotiations with Flagship Food Group, OSI Group bought Flagship Europe in 2016. Flagship Europe is a premier food provider that serves the UK Market with an extensive collection of revolutionary products. The company supplies frozen chicken, dressings, mayonnaise, and pies from Oliver James.

3. The Tyson Foods

OSI Group bought Tyson Foods to complement its Chicago-based facilities. Tyson Foods served the hospitality sector and other customers with products such as tempura chicken, meatballs, soups, omelets, and chicken cordon bleu.

EOS Lip Balm Is Good For All Lips

EOS lip balm is the choice of kids around America because it smells good and feels good on their lips. The kids are invested in the colors of the package and the flavors, and they use it because it works really well on anyone. Adults will enjoy it just as much, and this Fast Company published article explains how the lip balm helps keep lips comfortable for long periods of time.

#1: How Long Does The Lip Balm Last?

The lip balm was designed to ensure everyone using it will have hours of protection for the lips, and they may use it in any flavor they like. The flavors are quite a lot of fun, and EOS lip balm has grown to compete with the biggest names on the market. There are many people who are using this product because they need something simpler, and they want to have a good time using.

#2: Kids Prefer It

EOS lip balm has grown to become more popular with kids, and it is a balm that is appealing to anyone who likes a bit more style in their life. Kids are using the product more than ever, and they are the customer base the firm needs.

#3: They Make New Flavors For The Seasons

The flavors of the lip balm are quite a lot of fun to try because there are so many. Each of them will appeal to someone who is looking for a way to care for their lips, and they will notice a difference when they are using the lip balm daily. Lips will stay moist, and they will hold up to bad weather or dryness much better.

Every kid who is using EOS lip balm will appreciate the hip styling. Adults will enjoy the simple packaging, and they may use it any time of day. For more information, visit

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John Goullet’s Vision for National Growth of Diversant LLC

John Goullet, a leader and entrepreneur in the information technology staffing industry had one mission in mind when merging his company with Diversant LLC, which is growth. The merger agreement composed of combining Diversant Inc. and Info Technologies, a company owned by Mr. Goullet. The same vision he had for Info Tech is brought to Diversant with expectations of office locations expansion in the US and consistently revenue increase. Since John joined the IT staffing firm in 2010, Diversant is recognized as one of the top and rapidly growing staffing firms in America by various organizations.

Before the Diversant and Info Technologies merger, Mr. Goullet entered the IT staffing industry after finishing undergraduate and graduate studies from Ursinus College. He received his master’s degree in computer science and began a career as a consultant for Computer Science Corporation. Between 1984 and 1993, John obtained experience working for a staffing agency specializing in IT as account executive. By 1994, he started Info Technologies and within five years contributed to growing its revenue to an estimated $30 million. The company was selected as the eight fastest growing American private owned businesses by Inc. Magazine.

Within five years serving as Principle and Chairman of Diversant LLC, John Goullet has expanded offices locations to New York and most recently, Dallas, Texas in 2016. Last year, the firm also acquired technology and staffing provider, Viron, a San Francisco Bay-based company. John’s vision of revenue growth for Diversant exceeds his expectation previously formed for Info Technologies, which reached $120 million, in 2015. The New Jersey-headquartered staffing firm is ranked number 116 on SIA’s U.S. List of Largest Staffing Firms.

John Goullet continues to fulfill his role as Chairman of Diversant LLC and seeks expansion opportunities through acquisitions and services. Diversant is recognized by various organizations and publications, such as Staffing Industry Analyst, Black Enterprise, Inc. Magazine, and Diversity Business. Since 2005, the minority private staffing firm provides information technology solutions for permanent or part-time staffing, veterans programs, and diversity. For nearly seven years, Mr. Goullet is the driving force behind the successful growth of the leading staffing agencies in the nation.


Highland Capital Management Donates $1 Million as a Challenge Grant to the Family Place

James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management has always made news for good reasons. The company recently awarded The Family Place $1 million. The funds will help in finalizing the Legacy Campaign, an initiative founded by The Family Place. James Dondero is the brains behind Highland Capital Management.

He attended the 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon where he spoke about his company’s donation. The event was hosted at the Hilton Anatole by The Family Place. Dondero said that the money would assist the organization to raise the $2.8 million that is remaining to wrap up the campaign. Learn more about James Dandero:

Highland Dallas Foundation usually handles Highland Capital Management’s philanthropic endeavors. The subsidiary ensures that money is donated to institutions that strive for community development. The Family Place’s Legacy Campaign is scheduled to end in the next six months. During this period, Highland Dallas Foundation will ensure that the $1 million grant reaches the campaign’s orchestrators.

After Highland Capital Management’s announcement, $200,000 was collected by the Legacy Campaign. The money was raised through several fundraising events. In line with the challenge grant, The Family Place will receive $100,000 from Highland. James Dondero commended The Family Place for its unwavering commitment to addresses life-threatening issues such as family violence. He acknowledged the efforts of David Brown and Mike Rawlings, Dallas police chief and mayor respectively. According to him, these officials have been instrumental in the social development of Dallas.

The Family Place seeks to construct and manage a counseling center using the collected funds. This center will provide services such as accommodation and medical support to family violence victims.

About James Dondero

According to The Dallas Journal, James Dondero is renowned for his extensive experience in equity markets. He attributes his whole career to the accounting and finance knowledge he garnered from Mclntyre School of Commerce. His Highland Capital Management company targets local and global investors. The company provides its clients with credit-oriented services to meet their business needs.

Besides heading Highland Capital Management executive team, Dondero is also a member of several executive committees. These include Nexbank and Cornerstone Healthcare executive committees. Dondero is a Certified Management Accountant based on his accounting expertise. He also met the standards for the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

What Makes WEN by Chaz Unique?

We all want a cleansing conditioner that is different from all of the rest. Each one claims to detangle, leave our hair intensely clean, and give us that shiny head that we all seek. We are on a journey to find the right product uniquely and intimately made for us. Once we get our product of choice home and have the experience, we tend to realize immediately the product does not live up to its claims. Once again, we are back to the hair drawing board in search of what we believe we will never find.

A little research, a lot of knowledge and insight about the creator of a product is a defining moment. When you learn a mastermind had you in his vision when he created his product, you will be astounded and amazed at the results. Finally you will have found a product that truly does excel, and meet all of the standards and desires you want for your hair.

Chaz Dean is that person. His products exude excellence, and are always made with natural ingredients. Not a believer in bleach or peroxide, even  does not carry a shampoo as most shampoos contain sodium laurel or sulfate, and damaging detergents, which given his natural lifestyle, would never be found in his product line. Most people are unaware of the ingredients found in most shampoos, thus Chaz Dean made it possible to bring that awareness to light, and offer us his WEN Cleansing Conditioner, a all natural 5 in 1 product that defines healthy hair. With a low-lather process, the cleansing conditioner is gently blended with the sweet aroma of almond oil in combination with cucumber extract and aloe leaf juice. This trio will leave your hair not only strong, and healthy, but smelling as if you just stepped out of his salon.

You may not have thought to read the ingredients on the back of that bottle in the past; however the ingredients used in the WEN Cleansing Conditioner will give you an instant sense of what a beautiful head of hair should be about. With Glycerin to provide moisturizing benefits along with Chamomile Extract for calming, in combination with Wild Cherry Bark, Rosemary Extract and Panthenol, all ingredients to help condition, soothe, strengthen and restore, you will realize WEN Cleansing Conditioner, and Chaz Dean truly did create this product with you in mind.

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Is Mike Baur leading a revolution in Switzerland?

If there is a language that Mike Baur speaks more fluently than others, it is finance. The 41 year old Swiss national has more than two decades working in the reputed Swiss banking sector where he started as a commercial apprentice. Driven by passion and talent, Mike rose to the position of executive board member for one of the largest private banks in Switzerland.


Right after high school, he went to New York for his higher education where he attended the University of Rochester. Here he acquired also his MBA after his graduate studies. For an executive MBA, Mike Baur found home at the University of Bern. His education in business whetted his skills to become a savvy executive in the world of finance and eventually fuelled his journey into entrepreneurship.


In 2014, Mike Baur left his prestigious position at a reputable bank and ventured into entrepreneurship. It seems that an entrepreneur can never be contained; there is always a voice calling. Prodding the person to leave their comfort zone and venture out. It seems Mike couldn’t help it but to follow his heart’s desire.


The Swiss Startup Factory


Together with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, Mike founded the Swiss Startup Factory. You guessed right; they deal with startups. This is a privately funded and independent startup accelerator in Switzerland which has been ranked number one in their category. Their niche is ICT startups, and they have a reason for it. Money is in new technologies and businesses built around it.


The Mentorship Program


The Swiss startup Factory provides startups with a three months mentorship program that aims at reducing the chances of failure. Research has shown that as many as 80% of startups businesses fail within the first five years. The vibe at the Startup Factory is that “you do not have to make your own mistakes to learn” the idea is to learn from the mistakes of others and to copy processes from successful businesses.


Among other things, the mentees get invaluable coaching on payroll management, tax reporting, proper bookkeeping amongst other things.


By providing startups with financial support and a wealth of knowledge, they are set on a course of success. Not only is Mike interested in helping startups grow, but he also loves giving back to the community. He believes that when the community is better off, everyone reaps the benefits. He motivates his colleagues and other businesses, to offer support to social causes and to be stepping stones for others to find their mark in the business world.


Handy Inc.: Growth From Complaints To The Number One Cleaning Service formerly known as Handybook is an online app that enables users to book cleaners, plumbers, handymen and other household service providers. OisinHanrahan and UmagDua met as classmates at Harvard Business School and came up with the idea of the cleaning company Handy. In 2012 the two friends together with Weina Scott and Ignacio Leonhardtcame together and founded Handybook. As of 2016 Handy caters to 28 cities.

In their first year, Handybook was known as ‘’Uber for home’ and was able to secure $2 million from Highland Capital Partners and General Catalyst. Despite their success, the growth of the company was not without its ups and downs. They had large competitors namely Homejoy, Mopp and Exec. In 2013 and 2014 they were able to acquire a total of $43.73M. Despite all this, the company was hounded by bad reviews and ratings as well as complaints from their customers.

With all the bad press surrounding them, Oisin and Umag decided that the company needed to do better. They realized that they needed to pull themselves from growth to profit. In Jan 2014 they acquired one of their competitors Exec and later in September they rebranded, from Handybook to Handy and acquired Mopp which helped them grow their UK business. Things started looking up as they were able to hit $1 million a week in bookings.

Finally, in July 2015 their final competitor Homejoy shut down, and Handy was left as the only cleaning company and were able to get $50M in funding. From here things kept looking up as the burn rate has been steadily falling. Now the company has grown for just cleaning to shopping, delivering and assembling furniture for their clients and they expect that by the second half of 2017 they will have launched into new cities and to have flipped over to profitability.


Jason Hope’s Society and Technology Insight For The Future

Jason Hope can see the future. Seeing the future for Hope means making predictions for the future of technology and its importance in our everyday lives. Hope is a believer in the the power of IoT or the Internet of Things. He brings his insight to the world of technology and the future of our society as it partners with technology in all ways.

Arizona entrepreneur Jason Hope capitalizes on the importance of consumer devices partnered with technology. In today’s world buying groceries, finding a date, securing transportation and controlling your thermostat can all be done via internet through smart devices. Hope sees the future of society and technology as a whole. He also sees it as something we take on the road with us with travel. As the Internet of Things becomes a part of consumer’s daily lives, they will expect the convenience every day even when traveling. Jason Hope sees IoT expanding next into the hospitality industry. Instead of hospitality employees dealing with issues, technology will take over. Items can be billed and inventory monitored through smart systems.

Jason Hope created his own mobile communications company early in his career. With this foundation Hope could show the world how technology connects all places with people and things even if they are not in the same vicinity. The future of all of these things must rely on technology to push forward. The success of Hope’s marketing wasn’t in commercials and print ads, but all rolled into technology. Hope believes in using electronic marketing such as social media as a way to keep people connected and generate new business contacts. The future of technology in marketing as well as other areas leads Hope to making changes in the world.

One way Hope looks to change the world is through the future of technology’s partnership with medicine. Instead of money and research, Hope believes more emphasis should be put on technology and action. He is passionate about disease prevention that can stem from technology that helps catch diseases in their prime. This might not save all lives, but might enhance the quality and quantity of a patient’s life. Quality of life will help improve society thus reinforcing Hope’s believe society and technology will be one in the future.

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UK Vintners Give Guidance When It Comes to The Best Holiday Wines

Wine is a beautiful aspect of holiday cheer. Since the gatherings of Biblical times, win has been inseparable from collective humanity. In the olden days, the sterilizing effect of alcohol content in wine was sought after. It was known for its part in festivals and gatherings, bringing together the people of yesteryear in beautiful unison. Today, the timeless tradition stands tall. Winter calls for quality wine, but for the average individual, there is simply too much to study. Luckily, UK Vintners has released a list of some top notch wines for holiday class, and cheer.

The list’s first notable appearance is the 2008 Beychevelle. The wine comes from the historic Saint-Julien appellation, and carries tones of cranberry and raspberry. It is meant to be used within 15 years of bottling, and is sure to satisfy. Next is the D’Yquem 2009. Sweet and Spicy, this is the perfect dessert wine. This is a white wine, with a beautiful, historic touch. It has been made in Graves, France, for over 400 years. Another bottle to consider is the staple Montrose 1998, a merlot with earthy overtones of plum and black cherry, primed to please the masses from the amateur to the connoisseur. A recently matured wine, the 2005 Ducru Beaucaillou, carries a rich, deep purple color and aged flavor, exclusively from one of the oldest wineries of Saint Julien. Finally, there is the Pichon Baron 1998, a paramount wine of peak maturity, it is reminiscent of toasted oaks, charcoal, and black current.

While there are many wines on shop shelves around the world, the UK Vintners picks are the ones to trust. They employ a dedicated team of the greatest fine wine enthusiasts. Their knowledge will lead to an exquisite pick, every time. UKV PLC is an independent wine merchant company, so their picks are sure to be unique.

Furthermore, they work with a large network of reputable sources, granting them the capability to find a fine wine that seems out of reach. From investment to consumption, UKV PLC will provide. For the financially robust connoisseurs, UK Vintners hosts a brokerage service, which allows for maximization of their network of resources.

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