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The Intelligence Behind Boraie Development

With the billions of dollars diverted into investing, it is safe to say the United State is a developed nation. With that being said, the real estate market is a thriving place right now. In fact, it is booming. This holds true especially in places such as New Brunswick and New York City, the city that never sleeps. Aside from being the most populous city in the United States, New York City is full of luxurious properties. Yet, there is a neighboring state that is also full of potential. In addition, this city is home to a multi-million dollar figure. His name is Omar Boraie. In the Northeast alone, Omar is well known throughout the region. His business deal endeavors are larger than life.

Throughout his community, Omar is known as a role model and philanthropist. According to, it was his company that transformed the entire landscape of New Brunswick. Also, his story is like no other. The founder of Boraie Development began his real estate dominance with plans as a newly settled immigrant from Egypt. Sure enough, Omar inherited the American Dream. That is for sure. When Omar arrived in America, he already knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to take over the real estate market by storm, which he did. In addition, Omar is not to be mistaken for a novice one-dimensional real estate agent. Boraie Development created several of the buildings that stand today in New Brunswick. They are also responsible a lot of the investments that have taken place in the city too. In addition, Boraie Development has plans to spread to other parts of New Jersey. Aside from real estate, Omar is a profound philanthropist. He offers a host of initiatives to the communities he serves. This is no secret. In particular, Omar provides meals to the hungry. Enriching the communities that he serves is something Omar takes very seriously. At the age of 73, Omar is still a much full of vigor. His passion burns as hot as it always has. To this day, he continues to be an inspiration for all to see. View Omar Boraie’s full bio  on

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Ensuring That Your Online Business Reputation Remains Positive

There is the adage if you have a customer that has enjoyed your product or service they will share their experience with one other person. If, however, you have a customer who has a very poor or terrible experience with your product or service they will tell twenty-five other people. This is simple word of mouth. Now, multiply that with the power of the internet and you can see that your online reputation is vital for the survival and viability of your business.

In an article by it is made abundantly clear that the key to maintaining a positive reputation online can be summed up in one word, Transparency.

  • Transparency

There is no hiding on the internet. If you place information on the world-wide web then it is there for the entire world to see. As a business owner, this is exactly what you want. Everyone should see how wonderful your business is. What an excellent product you have what a unique service you must offer. As explains these are the types of things that basic SEO tries to accomplish. It is their bread and butter.

However, this type of exposure also leads to basically three types of followers.

  1. The first type is those who loved your product and is sharing that information on as much of their social media that they can.
  2. The second type is those who did not have the best experience and are also sharing their displeasure with all their social media.
  3. The third are your competitors who are trying to hurt your business and will do virtually anything to harm your online reputation.

Each of the above scenarios must be handled in the same manner. Not with a heavy-handed tirade filled with expletives and threats, but in a professional manner. A manner that displays real concern and thoughtfulness. As an example, let’s say that you are a computer store owner and you have sold a brand-new computer to a new client. This client now goes online and gets a virus and the computer begins to run slow and eventually stops working completely. On their Facebook, as well their Twitter account they begin a campaign that rivals that of Genghis Khan sweeping through the low lands of Asia. What should your response be?

Apologize for the problems they are having with their computer. Tell them to bring their computer back into your store and you will do whatever it takes to bring their computer back online, and help ensure that whatever happened you will do your very best to rectify that the same situation never happens again. Secondly, go through your client list where someone experienced the same problem. Explain how you solved the problem and if you have a positive review from the past client post that in as many places as possible to illustrate that you are a responsible business owner and that your customers are your most important asset.

Once you have repaired the problem for your new client has them write a review for you. Post that prominently on all your social media along with the original complaint. It sounds like a simple thing but it is the heart and soul of maintaining your online reputation.

In the final analysis, it is the basics of the Golden Rule applied in the modern context of the internet of things that will keep your online reputation intact and positive.

Securus Technologies Makes Internet Headlines

Securus Technology recently made Internet headlines for its wonderful technology that was accepted in numerous prisons throughout the United States. One of the main reasons why Securus made the headlines was due to the safety prison employees feel now that this technology is installed within the prison. Many of these employees publicly displayed online how safe they feel on a daily basis. Guards are watched more than ever, and they not only have video surveillance on them but audio surveillance, too. Once prison employee explained how this was never possible under previous security systems.


It has been discovered that Securus Technologies will be nominated for at least a dozen different awards throughout the year. All of these awards will be due to the recent headline that included positive feedback from thousands of prisons. It has been established that no other inmate communication company has made an impact like Securus Technologies. Securus has beforehand extended their gratitude for any award they will win in the future. They have also agreed to donate any money they receive from any of these awards. This money will go to charities and to the study of bettering inmate communication. Securus is going to make all of this financial information public.


Securus Technologies has also stated that its goal is to protect the community as much as it exists to protect inmates and prison guards. They are working on more programs that will involve lowering crime in cities, especially large cities. They want to earn the trust of the community, just as they have earned the trust of prisons.


Many state officials are happy that Securus Technologies wants to get involved with the community. State officials have seen the great work Securus has done in prisons all around the United States, so these officials know Securus will do the same great job within communities.