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Things to Know about Bridget Scarr

Bridget Scarr is a creative producer as well as a writer who loves developing exciting content across various platforms. She is also a singer and songwriter. She has produced a variety content for different media formats from television to digital content to augmented reality to virtual reality to interactive exhibitions her projects resonate significantly with large audiences emotionally and intellectually.



Bridget went to Rhodes University where she acquired numerous skills in Film Production, Marketing, Brand Communication, Business Management, Business Strategy, Content Creation, Creative Development and Creative Direction among others. Currently, she resides in London, United Kingdom. She worked more than 15 years as an executive producer, a period during which she mainly involved in creating animations, advertisements, and drama for television.



She worked with Pollen Creative Media where she was a partner and Managing Director from January 2008 to present. Together with her partners, they created the company from virtually nothing. Starting with $10 000 and five employees, they managed to transform the business into a big success with over 200 employees. Today, Bridget is in charge of content development, partnerships and strategy at Colibri Studios where she oversights development of new ideas. Her job here involves collaborating with international broadcasters, project partners, and creative talent to bring projects to life. Late last year, Bridget co-founded a company, livRE VR, together with Farid Seba. The firm seeks to provide a platform that allows viewers to live realities through experimental engagement.



Bridget Scarr uses computerized reality systems in her latest works. She recently did a piece that combined history education with augmented reality. This allows viewers to experience life during a specified period. She believes that virtual reality and augmented reality could be used to improve education, for instance, young people can maximize on the opportunity and create exciting exhibitions that can entertain in museums.



Bridget’s first company had to close shop because of internal collapse. The company went through financial difficulties, and her partners had to leave as they were unhappy. They ended up starting competitor companies forcing the company to fail. She lost everything at that time and only bounced back after listening to her inner creative voice.



She loves meditating in the morning before commuting to work then works till noon, then she has a daily family lunch. She has more free time in the afternoons when she can reply emails and watch TV. In the evenings, she enjoys taking her son for a walk and play in the park.


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State Theatre to Offer Free Movie Series this Summer

According to the news published by the New Jersey Stage, the free summer movie series has returned. The State Theater announced the return of the free movie series this coming summer. The free movies series arise again through the sponsorship of the Boraie Development in conjunction with the Provident Bank Foundation. The series will be featuring series such as Frozen that will begin on the 12th of July, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial scheduled on julyn19, followed by Despicable Me 2 that will be shown on July 26. Those planned for August include Babe on August 2, Monster University that will follow on August 9 and finally the Aladdin which will be shown on 16th of the same month. The series are all scheduled to begin at up to 7.00pm.


The community will enjoy the six movies in the series free of charge. This is meant to enable the young people to have a chance of enjoyment together with their families, groups and summer camps. The state theater is found in the opulent surrounding that is preeminent in the New Jersey. It is a historic movie palace for live performances since the year 1921.


In his statement, Hiam Boraie expressed their pride in participating in the sponsorship of the experience that will give the young people and families a chance to enjoy the series in a historic site. Sam Boraie is the vice president of the Boraie Development. Satisfactorily, Jane Kurek, who is executive director of the Provident Bank Foundation, also commented on the experience. She said that they are so much excited to the State Theater’s Community Access Initiative to make it possible for the community to have the experience of a time at a free entry fee. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.


Anna Marie Gewirtz also commended the state theater for bringing back to life the great occasion; this time round expanded to contain six-movie series. Anna is the vice president of the Development & Strategic Partnerships of the State Theater. The theater is commissioned to presenting a family-friendly programming that is affordable to the community. The whole experience is looking forward to hosting a total of seven thousand people this summer. Visit Rutgers for more.


Boraie Development is a firm dealing in real estate that focuses its services on the urban real estate market: property development, real estate development and sales and marketing. The firm deals in the building of properties and availing them to the clients at an unparallel service.

Sawyer Howitt – Entrepreneur And Project Manager

Technology has severely advanced in recent years which has placed a whole new light on entrepreneurs. Now more than ever, more people have the opportunity to live out their dreams and become a small business owner.

Sawyer Howitt, a young entrepreneur with many years of experience under his belt points out the difference between a true entrepreneur and someone who thinks they’re an entrepreneur. Howitt is only 17 years old and a senior in Lincoln high school. He currently works for a company called The Meriwether Group where he serves as the project manager.

An entrepreneur is someone who wakes up every morning excited to start working because they’re motivated by a passion that lies deep within their soul. It’s not always about making money. It’s about serving a purpose to better yourself and the business you’re pursuing. On the other side of the spectrum, you will find people that are pursuing business models that reflect what other people may want or think will be successful as opposed to what their passions are. Although money is at issue, many rely solely on ways to make the most money or how they can make it faster. If you are confident in your hobbies and obsessions on a deeper level than you already know problems can become common. Howitt works to set an example every day for those looking to start their own passionate business. His hopes are that people will look to further their success in a positive way so they can continue to pursue their passion without focusing on money, but focusing on all aspects of how they can make their business better as a whole.

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Howitt also talks about how important it is to be humble and stay humble. He understands that they don’t know everything yet but should be open to learning new things as well as obtaining new knowledge. They don’t leave their head in the clouds dreaming, they utilize their options and follow through appropriately. According to, entrepreneurs tend to take action immediately and set goals while doing market research in addition to many other options. Howitt reflects on what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and suggests taking steps to assure the switch of your mentality and be open to new ideas.


The U.S Money Reserve Sets Up Fund To Aid People Affected By Hurricane Harvey

In light of the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, The U.S Money Reserve, in collaboration with the Austin Disaster Relief Network decided to provide aid to the people to help out those affected by the natural disaster.

The collaboration announced that they would be implementing a couple of relief measures to help the people and to safeguard them if they need it. The things that have been implemented include emergency homes and financial assistance along with their rehabilitation measures.

PR Newswire has it that The U.S Money Reserve also announced that they would be putting together a fund for people to donate to, to help those who are in distress because of Hurricane Harvey. The money that the fund receives will go to help countless people in Texas who otherwise would be left with nothing. To further extend a helping hand to the people, the U.S Money Reserve will also match the total donations that they receive to double the amount of money they have to help these victims. The donations will be accepted all through the month, and at the end will be matched by the company. Read more: US Money Reserve | Built In Austin

U.S Money Group is a company based in Texas. The company was in the midst of the disaster when it happened, which is why they are trying to make all the effort that they can to help out their home state.

Having people within the company as well who were significantly affected by the company stood as an additional motivation to do all that they could to help the people of Texas. This fund and aid will go a long way toward helping the people of the state get back on their feet, which otherwise would have been much harder to do.

The U.S Reserve is a company that specializes in the selling of gold and silver bonds. The company first went into business in 2001 and since then has grown to be one of the largest American issued gold and silver bonds in the entire country. The company operates through their headquarters in Texas and two other offices in the country. Customers wanting to avail of their services can also do so from their website, which also offers assistance to those who are looking to invest in these.

The company is also known for having one of the largest collection of old American coins which customers can buy for investment or coin collection purposes.

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Austin Disaster Relief Network and U.S. Money Reserve help survivors of Hurricane Harvey

David McDonald; OSI Group President

David McDonald is a great corporate leader with unique management abilities. McDonald was born in North East Iowa, where he grew up. David is highly educated and has a degree in animal science from Iowa State University which he attained in 1987. After education, McDonald started his career in Chicago working for OSI Group where he devoted all his energy to help the group grow and expand. As a result of his hard work and proper management skills, David climbed the ranks until he became the chief operating officer and the president of OSI Group.

OSI Group is the leading supplier of beef patties, sandwiches, Sausages, pizza and other protein products to many food businesses globally. The Groups headquarter is in Aurora, and the company can manage many businesses in over seventeen countries. With vast experience from McDonald and other staff, OSI Group supplies their products to well-established food businesses like Burger King, Starbucks, and Subway. The company has also penetrated China with many operations in China. In China, they supply foods and also poultry production. McDonald is very confident that OSI Group will be the leading producer of poultry in China. Also, OSI China supplied foods of high quality to Olympic Games held in Beijing in 2008, and there were no complaints.

David McDonald has helped the company grow significantly in providing quality products to the people. Through his leadership, subsidiary companies are producing products that are in demand in the local market. This ensures that the products are selling fast as they are consumer oriented. McDonald ensures that the company adheres to government regulations and employ talented people with an active mind of seeing the company grow. He ensures that the OSI Group management teams from different regions understand culture and tastes of the local population.

Through his creativity and dreams to see OSI Group expand in Europe, McDonald has helped the company in acquiring Baho Food. Baho Food manufactures snacks, convenient foods, anddeli meat. With some branches in Germany and Netherlands, and serving many European businesses from over 16 countries, Baho food had a large client base. Therefore, according to McDonald, this was a very wise move as it will help OSI Group strengthen its presence in Europe. McDonald also said that they would better serve the emerging needs of clients with this acquisition. For more info about us: click here.

David McDonald has been very influential at OSI Group. With his excellent, innovative, hard work and management skills the company has grown internationally. McDonald is very confident that the corporation will continue to offer high-quality products and services to their customers globally.