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Athleisure on the White House Lawn recently reported on President Obama’s youngest daughter’s take on the athleisure trend during the annual White House Easter Egg Roll event on the White House lawn. Sasha Obama was photographed rocking large aviator shades and high-quality black yoga pants with sneakers at the festive outdoor event.

She looked cool and casual as she enjoyed participating in the springtime activities with her friends and the two Obama family dogs, Sunny and Bo. Sasha Obama is the one of the latest in a long string of celebrity sightings with athleisure dominating the scene.

According to JustFab, with athleisure being such a hot trend in the fashion world right now, Fabletics is also getting a lot of buzz. Fabletics is an online fitness fashion retailer that has carved out a sweet spot for itself in the marketplace by keeping its prices incredibly affordable while still delivering top-quality athleisure options to its customers each month.

While it is perfectly possible for an online shopper to just buy Fabletics clothing whenever they want without a membership, the membership option provides Fabletics VIP customers with their choice of outfits for the reasonable price of just $49.95 each month.

While there are plenty of mainstream athleisure options available from Fabletics, the brand is not afraid to push the envelope and offer cutting-edge fashion items at the same affordable price. Fabletics is constantly ahead of the athleisure trends by experimenting with different mixes of patterns and prints. The materials used by Fabletics are selected with maximum comfort for its customers and durability in mind.

The clothes are designed to be easy to slip into and out of so that Fabletics customers have wardrobe choices that empower them during the day, rather than get in their way. WWD reveals that Fabletics clothing options can be worn to the gym for a workout or all around town as casual, chic outfits in their own right.