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EOS Lip Balm Is Good For All Lips

EOS lip balm is the choice of kids around America because it smells good and feels good on their lips. The kids are invested in the colors of the package and the flavors, and they use it because it works really well on anyone. Adults will enjoy it just as much, and this Fast Company published article explains how the lip balm helps keep lips comfortable for long periods of time.

#1: How Long Does The Lip Balm Last?

The lip balm was designed to ensure everyone using it will have hours of protection for the lips, and they may use it in any flavor they like. The flavors are quite a lot of fun, and EOS lip balm has grown to compete with the biggest names on the market. There are many people who are using this product because they need something simpler, and they want to have a good time using.

#2: Kids Prefer It

EOS lip balm has grown to become more popular with kids, and it is a balm that is appealing to anyone who likes a bit more style in their life. Kids are using the product more than ever, and they are the customer base the firm needs.

#3: They Make New Flavors For The Seasons

The flavors of the lip balm are quite a lot of fun to try because there are so many. Each of them will appeal to someone who is looking for a way to care for their lips, and they will notice a difference when they are using the lip balm daily. Lips will stay moist, and they will hold up to bad weather or dryness much better.

Every kid who is using EOS lip balm will appreciate the hip styling. Adults will enjoy the simple packaging, and they may use it any time of day. For more information, visit

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What Makes WEN by Chaz Unique?

We all want a cleansing conditioner that is different from all of the rest. Each one claims to detangle, leave our hair intensely clean, and give us that shiny head that we all seek. We are on a journey to find the right product uniquely and intimately made for us. Once we get our product of choice home and have the experience, we tend to realize immediately the product does not live up to its claims. Once again, we are back to the hair drawing board in search of what we believe we will never find.

A little research, a lot of knowledge and insight about the creator of a product is a defining moment. When you learn a mastermind had you in his vision when he created his product, you will be astounded and amazed at the results. Finally you will have found a product that truly does excel, and meet all of the standards and desires you want for your hair.

Chaz Dean is that person. His products exude excellence, and are always made with natural ingredients. Not a believer in bleach or peroxide, even  does not carry a shampoo as most shampoos contain sodium laurel or sulfate, and damaging detergents, which given his natural lifestyle, would never be found in his product line. Most people are unaware of the ingredients found in most shampoos, thus Chaz Dean made it possible to bring that awareness to light, and offer us his WEN Cleansing Conditioner, a all natural 5 in 1 product that defines healthy hair. With a low-lather process, the cleansing conditioner is gently blended with the sweet aroma of almond oil in combination with cucumber extract and aloe leaf juice. This trio will leave your hair not only strong, and healthy, but smelling as if you just stepped out of his salon.

You may not have thought to read the ingredients on the back of that bottle in the past; however the ingredients used in the WEN Cleansing Conditioner will give you an instant sense of what a beautiful head of hair should be about. With Glycerin to provide moisturizing benefits along with Chamomile Extract for calming, in combination with Wild Cherry Bark, Rosemary Extract and Panthenol, all ingredients to help condition, soothe, strengthen and restore, you will realize WEN Cleansing Conditioner, and Chaz Dean truly did create this product with you in mind.

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