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Luciana Lossio Named To Lead The High Court Of Brazil

The electoral court of Brazil has named Luciana Lossio to be its leader. She is a lawyer who has become of the biggest stars on the legal scene of the country, and she has been praised time and again for the work she has done as a lawyer for the court. This article explains Luciana is doing work that will bring Brazil into the 21st Century while offering hope for women who wish to focus on their careers.


#1: What The Electoral Court?


The court is the high court of the nation that hears all its largest cases. The country sends all its legal matters to the court when they have exhausted other options, and Luciana will be asked to rule on cases that are quite important to the people of the country. She is willing to weigh in on serious matters, and she has argued these cases in the past.


#2: Why Is Her Appointment Important?


The appointment of Luciana Lossio to the court is important as it makes the court more like the country. There are quite a lot of professional women in the country that would like to see women in power, and Luciana is just one who will help bring a woman’s touch to the nation. She will hear cases that will impact every person, and she will help moderate the way the nation is run


#3: What Is Her Legal Background?


Luciana has a law degree, and she has spent years working before the court to ensure every case is tried properly. She wishes to ensure the country has people hearing cases that are fair, and she has brought the other side of the argument to the court many times. She listens to both sides of the cases today, and she will continue to do so as she sits on the bench. She knows the responsibility she has, and she has taken it quite seriously. She is moving to the bench as she knows what it means to stand before the court and give her arguments.


The Brazilian people now have one of the wisest women in the country leading their high court, and Luciana Lossio has become a hero for women in the country. She wants to ensure the country has been moderated properly, and she knows there are many people she will help by ensuring they are given a fair hearing of the evidence.

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