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Kate Hudson Challenges Amazon with Her Fabletics Brand

Amazon is the acknowledged giant of the online shopping companies. The company has met with great success making it a brand with plans to grow even more dominant in the commerce of the United States of America. The company, that gave us the Kindle and electronic books, has fully taken control of another market. Amazon controls 20% of the e-commerce market dealing with women’s fashions. Fabletics, the burgeoning subscription fashion business, has a goal of besting Amazon in the area of women’s fashions and judging from the popularity of their athleisure clothing line, they can do it.

Kate Hudson has used her physical beauty and her business sense to become the figurehead of this fresh company that is capturing a large number of young and hip female shoppers. The company is combining the best of online shopping with the added advantage of using traditional stores in ubiquitous malls where the subscription fashions in different sizes and colors can be admired, and customers can even be encouraged to become members while they are inside the Fabletics stores. This revolutionary sales technique is working well and members and random shoppers are happy with their experience with Fabletics whether in store or online.

Fabletics is succeeding by being innovative and fully responding to its customer base’s wishes. By having showroom space, the mall shopping experience that has been a traditional part of the American consumer culture is encouraged. Of the customers who enter a Fabletics store, 30-50% are already subscribers and sales agents have the opportunity to convert those who are not yet members. These agents are doing a good job of converting and 25% of those entering the stores become members while they are there.

As long as the athleisure approach is a strong trend with young and fashionable women, the company will thrive. Citizens from other countries and cultures are more formal and would not find the Fabletics approach to their liking. But the U.S. is decidedly different and casual is a way of life from the California beaches to the L.L. Bean store in Maine.

The Fabletics company has made a strong impression on the American business world, and Forbes, that bastion of reporting on matters economic, has enumerated the company’s continued success and written glowing reviews. Read the Forbes article on Fabletics here:

JustFab Continues to Grow In Amazing Ways

JustFab is the clothing store that women hit when they want to acquire cute clothes without breaking the bank. It has become the online store that has grown even when many other online shops have taken a hit. This is a brand that has become known in different countries around the world. JustFab has managed to gain a lot of attention because this brand offers “buy 1, get 1 free” deals. That has become the thing that has lured so many other people to the brand over the years.

The thing that has managed to help JustFab is the affordability of the brand. This is a company that has been able to shine because few competitors can beat the prices offered by JustFab. This company has managed to emerge victoriously as a champion of affordable clothing that is also trendy. This is the difference that has given JustFab the lead.

The LA Times reports that this company has been able to make waves in terms of profits and even become a company that is considering an IPO. This is an impressive feat for a clothing company. It is proof that the clothing industry can be quite profitable if the right elements are in place.

Customers think that it is fun to sign up for the subscription service. They like to pick a style profile that will give them access to monthly garments based on what they have chosen. Some people like the element of surprise. They may not want to go out and spend their whole day shopping even though they may have a desire to add more things to their wardrobe. JustFab is perfect for these types of people. Learn more about JustFab:

The brand has managed to surface as one of the hottest clothing stores online. There is now a plus-sized lineup of clothes so this makes Just Fab even more popular. New customers that have been waiting for this are signing up for subscriptions and quickly racking up VIP credits. Some customers may chose to skip a month, but many customers are thrilled for the opportunity to get new items each month.