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Boraie Development: Meeting Residential Real Estate Needs of New Brunswick

According to the Rutgers Magazine, the New Jersey real estate sector is looking up after years of facing a recession. The sector has the highest rate of home foreclosures and is extremely delinquent compared to the rest of the country. However, the real estate sector is currently improving. This improvement is attributed to increased job creation, increased formation of family units, and an increase in demand for housing units as compared to supply. Residents in the state are, therefore, hoping the supply crisis will soon be a thing of the past. Towns located around the NJ Transit station have seen an increase in housing demand because of proximity to transportation services. Residents are calling on real estate development companies to cater to the increased demand for affordable housing since rent rates have been increasing over the years.


About Boraie Development LLC


Real estate development companies have listened to forces in the New Jersey market and are working on increasing the number of available housing units in the state. One such company is Boraie Development LLC which has its headquarters in New Jersey. According to the company’s website, the firm has been in operation for the last 30 years, and it deals in real estate development, sales and marketing, real estate management. The firm funds its real estate development projects primarily from private sources, either from commercial banks or from its own capital. Consequently, clients can depend on the firm to deliver high quality residential projects in time. Boraie Development has a track record to match given that so far no one has complained of the company not delivering a project as it said it would. Visit the website at


Commitment to Deliver


Omar Boraie is the president of Boraie Development LLC. He has watched New Brunswick change over the last four decades and has committed to contribute to the growing economy by meeting its real estate needs. He says that when the company started out, people thought he was crazy. Back then, it was unsafe to walk on the streets of the city after 4pm. He together with others, however, believed in the potential of the city. Given that companies like Johnson and Johnson did not leave, he bought old, dilapidated buildings and started developing the. After years of committing to change the city’s real estate sector, he has managed to bring the feel of New York to New Jersey. Boraie Development recently completed its latest project in New Brunswick, The Aspire. The project is on Somerset Street and is made up of deluxe luxury high-rise residential units. It is created for millennials and professionals looking to enjoy the culture of downtown New Brunswick while enjoying the best the real estate sector has to offer.


Reputation in Trouble? Check Out Online Reputation Reviews

New innovations in technology changed the way that people look for information. Now, the average person will go to online resources to find out important facts about a person, place, or thing. Certainly, the Internet is a leading source for information and will surely remain that way well into the future. Therefore, it is vital to protect your name or online reputation. A less than positive reputation leads to less profits and much more. Online Reputation Management sites are popping up all over the Internet. Their focus is on protecting the reputation of their clients through various tactics. However, it is frustrating finding the one site that really delivers on their promise. Online Reputation Reviews delivers the facts about those companies.

Online Reputation Reviews
Certainly, Online Reputation Reviews is the leading source for up to date information on the online reputation management industry. They focus on providing information and reviews about the top online reputation management companies. They provide honest reviews that focus on the leading companies in the online reputation management industry up-close. They let you know if their tactics are effective for their clients. They let you know if they are worth the money. They also focus on the company’s history. For example, were complaints filed against the company or do they have a positive reputation with former clients.  Visit Online Reputation Reviews for the real facts about the leading online reputation management companies.


The U.S money reserve was founded in the year 2001, and up to now it is one of the biggest exclusive dole outs of gold, silver and platinum in the U.S government. It is under the presidency of Philip Diehl who is one of the most accomplished U.S Mint directors as far as history is concerned. Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

Phillip Diehl is the name behind the programs like 50 states Quarter and the minting of the first ever U.s government –issued platinum coin.

During a radio interview that tends to focuses on giving a platform to entrepreneurs, small business owners and even top executives who share their latest creations, products, services and experiences, Philip Diehl shares the transformation of the U.S money reserve under his watch.

According to President Diehl they turned what was a pretty backward agency into a real entrepreneurial agency as a way of improving customer service hence emerging the best in America in terms of customer satisfaction. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio and US Money Reserve Austin TX, 78730

US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

Diehl has used the same entrepreneurial principles since becoming the president of U.S money reserve, and this has helped him maintain customer satisfaction. His company is the largest distributor of government issued precious metal bullion, bars, and coins.

Under the leadership of Phillip Diehl a self-directed program titled IRA was established to enable customers to hold physical gold as a means of wealth protection during retirement while benefiting from any rise in gold prices.

The U.S Money Reserve is credenced by thousands of people as it is highly rated by the Business Consumer Alliance, all thanks to its guarantee of refunding certified coins within 30 days of purchase which happens to be one of the best return policies in the industry of money.

The CEO of U.S. Money Reserve, Mr. Diehl is gratified to have one of the fastest conveying times, with every order shipping fully-insured with signature required. This has helped the company establish a long term relationship with all their customers. The firm is situated in Austin, Texas and has maintained superior customer service over the years.

The U.S Money Reserve has specialized in gold coins, silver coins, platinum coins, gold bullion, and silver bullion that are handled by a uniquely trained staff that does coin research to find products that offer the highest profit on the market at every level. And can be sampled out through this link

According to President Phillip Diehl, you can safeguard your assets from the stock market volatility and further dwindles in the value of the U.S dollar by adding precious metals to your retirement portfolio.

Renting to AirBnB Travelers Can Prove To Be Costly

Online home and apartment rental sites, such as VRBO and Airbnb, have taken the Internet by storm. Feeding the online accommodations frenzy are the homeowners, by the millions, that are listing their properties for rent, to short stay renters, and travelers. The supplemental, revenue stream, from the rentals, is a godsend, making real estate, once expensive, more affordable.

Prior to entering the rental real estate marketplace, give consideration to all the financial ramifications, and legal issues associated with being an inexperienced hotel management operator. Firms such as Airbnb shift the burden of responsibility to the operator, leaving their hands clean.

Insurance issues that homeowners must think about when becoming a hotel management operator include;

Homeowner’s policies rarely cover short-term rentals
Read all of your homeowners’ insurance policy. It’s a sure bet that your insurance provider will not offer liability coverage linked to outsiders, non-family members, or friends.

Before renting, consult with the agent that issued the homeowners policy to see if you are at risk of a policy cancellation, in the likely event of a claim resulting from guest damage. One avenue to consider, is upgrading the policy, for greater coverage, seek short-term rental rider coverage, or change your policy status, and upgrade to business liability coverage. If all of that seems overwhelming, then consider asking the renter to offer proof of a rental, or homeowners policy, to shift any liability back to them if damage occurs.

Tenants come with risk

  • Guest injuries on your property
  • Property damage to your property and surrounding neighbors
  • Burglary and vandalism
  • Illegal actions
  • Legal claims
  • Skips out the bill

Don’t rest on your laurels with protection from online rental platforms
Though they may have impressive claims of guarantees, it’s best to retain an attorney to read the fine print. There’s the old adage, “Let the buyer beware.” In this case, “Let the renter beware.”

Richard Blair is the owner of Austin, Texas-based Wealth Solutions, Inc. He has worked in the securities sector for nearly 25 years. Employed at Crownbridge Wealth LLC, Richard is a certified financial planner.

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Stephen Murray and the Growth of CCMP Capital

When you think about the world of finances on there certainly are a lot of possible things that could go through your mind. The most important item for probably most all investors is having someone on hand that will actually be there to help and answer questions in the event that something negative or questionable happens. After all, when you are talking about investments, there is a good chance you are looking at years worth of work and potentially even at your retirement. If you just roll with the punches then that could wind up being years of your efforts of investing down the drain.

When you think of what you would picture the perfect financial aide to look like, there are probably many different descriptions and ideas in general. That being said, the ideal financial professional on that you would probably want to work with would most likely be someone who sits back to think about what you said rather than waiting for a chance to say his next sales speech.

In short, when you think of who you are trying to picture with respect to the idea of a perfect financial professional, you are thinking of someone who cares about you as a person more than they care about making a quick buck. When you think about an organization that was built upon those ideas, and still use them in everyday operations today, you are thinking of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital.

CCMP Capital is not just one of the financial firms that made some money picking the right stocks and equities and got lucky placing trades at the right times. CCMP Capital was helped tremendously by former CEO Stephen Murray CCMP Capital simply because with his efforts it was transformed from a regular business organization into an operation that truly did put people first.

As Stephen Murray CCMP Capital not only believed people mattered in general, but that if you take care of the needs of any given individual they will be more likely to stick with you in the long run. Furthermore, it was Stephen Murray CCMP Capital’s leadership that recognized people are more than willing to pay for actual quality and service in general. When you consider the novel idea of given people quality and being sure to help them through the difficult times, it almost makes sense to see the level of success that Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has achieved. They were built on a foundation of truly caring, and it was because of Stephen Murray that they saw such a model even come about in the first place. It is also the reason they are seeing such great success today.