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Nathanial Ru Created Sweetgreens With Ideals And Pride In His Community

Nearly every conceivable type of restaurant exists in the world yet Sweetgreen remains an original. The biggest names in investors have backed this restaurant because the salad chain is delicious, fresh, local, and organic. The diners are willing to wait in long lines because eating a meal at any of Sweetgreens forty locations is worth the wait.

Sweetgreens began as an idea created by three friends who were attending the Georgetown University. They were pioneers in technology and made certain Sweetgreens had both a website and a mobile app. According to Nathanial Ru technology is in their DNA.

The group of friends place a great deal of thought into the strategies they use for management. To give their corporate employees an understanding of what it feels like to work in one of their restaurants they close their corporate offices numerous times every year so they have this opportunity. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

Sweetgreens insists all of their employees take the satisfaction of their customers very seriously. As the company grows they maintain their original principles.

Sweetgreens is also unique because they do not have a corporate headquarters. Although their growth continues on a national level they do not believe a headquarters is necessary in what they are trying to accomplish.

Nicolas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru, and Jonathan Neman’s friendship at Georgetown University brought to light many commonalities in their backgrounds.

All of their parents were immigrants who began their own businesses and during their entrepreneurship class they decided they wanted to open a restaurant that served health food. In August of 2007 this is exactly what they did when the first Sweetgreens opened their doors.

Once Nathanial Ru had successfully graduated from college his first endeavor was the restaurant he had been envisioning with two of his fellow students. They wanted something sustainable with a focus on natural and local sources of food. Nathanial Ru has a passion for food that fits peoples values, taste, and budget.

He wanted his restaurant to be imaginative and a positive influence on his community. Sweetgreens became a success but he did not stop there and helped to create sweetlife.

This was a special festival created to celebrate music and food that was good for the body. Nathanial Ru’s festival continues to grow and is attended by the local farmers, top chefs, and the local purveyors. Over 20,000 people come to listen to musical artists and visit the amazing food trucks. Of course the footprint of the festival is carbon-neutral.