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Handy Inc.: Growth From Complaints To The Number One Cleaning Service formerly known as Handybook is an online app that enables users to book cleaners, plumbers, handymen and other household service providers. OisinHanrahan and UmagDua met as classmates at Harvard Business School and came up with the idea of the cleaning company Handy. In 2012 the two friends together with Weina Scott and Ignacio Leonhardtcame together and founded Handybook. As of 2016 Handy caters to 28 cities.

In their first year, Handybook was known as ‘’Uber for home’ and was able to secure $2 million from Highland Capital Partners and General Catalyst. Despite their success, the growth of the company was not without its ups and downs. They had large competitors namely Homejoy, Mopp and Exec. In 2013 and 2014 they were able to acquire a total of $43.73M. Despite all this, the company was hounded by bad reviews and ratings as well as complaints from their customers.

With all the bad press surrounding them, Oisin and Umag decided that the company needed to do better. They realized that they needed to pull themselves from growth to profit. In Jan 2014 they acquired one of their competitors Exec and later in September they rebranded, from Handybook to Handy and acquired Mopp which helped them grow their UK business. Things started looking up as they were able to hit $1 million a week in bookings.

Finally, in July 2015 their final competitor Homejoy shut down, and Handy was left as the only cleaning company and were able to get $50M in funding. From here things kept looking up as the burn rate has been steadily falling. Now the company has grown for just cleaning to shopping, delivering and assembling furniture for their clients and they expect that by the second half of 2017 they will have launched into new cities and to have flipped over to profitability.