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John Goullet’s Vision for National Growth of Diversant LLC

John Goullet, a leader and entrepreneur in the information technology staffing industry had one mission in mind when merging his company with Diversant LLC, which is growth. The merger agreement composed of combining Diversant Inc. and Info Technologies, a company owned by Mr. Goullet. The same vision he had for Info Tech is brought to Diversant with expectations of office locations expansion in the US and consistently revenue increase. Since John joined the IT staffing firm in 2010, Diversant is recognized as one of the top and rapidly growing staffing firms in America by various organizations.

Before the Diversant and Info Technologies merger, Mr. Goullet entered the IT staffing industry after finishing undergraduate and graduate studies from Ursinus College. He received his master’s degree in computer science and began a career as a consultant for Computer Science Corporation. Between 1984 and 1993, John obtained experience working for a staffing agency specializing in IT as account executive. By 1994, he started Info Technologies and within five years contributed to growing its revenue to an estimated $30 million. The company was selected as the eight fastest growing American private owned businesses by Inc. Magazine.

Within five years serving as Principle and Chairman of Diversant LLC, John Goullet has expanded offices locations to New York and most recently, Dallas, Texas in 2016. Last year, the firm also acquired technology and staffing provider, Viron, a San Francisco Bay-based company. John’s vision of revenue growth for Diversant exceeds his expectation previously formed for Info Technologies, which reached $120 million, in 2015. The New Jersey-headquartered staffing firm is ranked number 116 on SIA’s U.S. List of Largest Staffing Firms.

John Goullet continues to fulfill his role as Chairman of Diversant LLC and seeks expansion opportunities through acquisitions and services. Diversant is recognized by various organizations and publications, such as Staffing Industry Analyst, Black Enterprise, Inc. Magazine, and Diversity Business. Since 2005, the minority private staffing firm provides information technology solutions for permanent or part-time staffing, veterans programs, and diversity. For nearly seven years, Mr. Goullet is the driving force behind the successful growth of the leading staffing agencies in the nation.