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Securus Technologies – Helping Inmates Revive with the Help of Inmate Communications Technology

There are many different prison technology firms out there in the market, but one of the most successful ones is the Securus Technologies. The company leads from the front in the correctional sphere, because of the vast array of products and services it provides to the inmates as well as the law enforcement officials. I have been an inmate myself and have used the services offered by Securus Technologies for years. It has helped me revive from the isolation I was in and reconnect with my friends and families with the communication services provided by Securus.

I was almost on the verge of a breakdown, but the company has many different services that are technologically advanced that help the inmates to survive in the lonely environment of the correctional space. I was able to keep in touch with my friends and know what my son was up to. It helps give a new meaning and purpose to life when you know that the people outside are waiting for you and cares for you. The services offered by Securus Technologies has helped alleviate stress from my prison time.

The company recently released a press release online that I went through. It showcased comments from the letters it received from the law enforcement officials across the country. The company offers crime prevention technology to the law enforcement agencies that helps them catch the offenders as well as reduce crime. The information is available with the law enforcement officials very quickly with the support of Investigation Pro and LBS services. I am sure such services would keep the harmful elements in the society in check, and contribute to reducing the crime in the country.

I am a firm believer of the fact that technology has the power to change the lives of the people in correctional space. And, it is the companies such as Securus Technologies that would help bring that much-needed transformation.

Securus Technologies Makes Internet Headlines

Securus Technology recently made Internet headlines for its wonderful technology that was accepted in numerous prisons throughout the United States. One of the main reasons why Securus made the headlines was due to the safety prison employees feel now that this technology is installed within the prison. Many of these employees publicly displayed online how safe they feel on a daily basis. Guards are watched more than ever, and they not only have video surveillance on them but audio surveillance, too. Once prison employee explained how this was never possible under previous security systems.


It has been discovered that Securus Technologies will be nominated for at least a dozen different awards throughout the year. All of these awards will be due to the recent headline that included positive feedback from thousands of prisons. It has been established that no other inmate communication company has made an impact like Securus Technologies. Securus has beforehand extended their gratitude for any award they will win in the future. They have also agreed to donate any money they receive from any of these awards. This money will go to charities and to the study of bettering inmate communication. Securus is going to make all of this financial information public.


Securus Technologies has also stated that its goal is to protect the community as much as it exists to protect inmates and prison guards. They are working on more programs that will involve lowering crime in cities, especially large cities. They want to earn the trust of the community, just as they have earned the trust of prisons.


Many state officials are happy that Securus Technologies wants to get involved with the community. State officials have seen the great work Securus has done in prisons all around the United States, so these officials know Securus will do the same great job within communities.


There Are A Number Of Reasons To Switch To Securus Today

Manage the amount of time you spend talking to your loved ones in a correctional facility. In fact, leading providers like Securus Technologies will ensure the safety of the general public. In a recent PRN News article, Securus customers were quick to respond to illegal activity and report it to the appropriate authorities. Securus maintains a positive relationship with their customers and encourage feedback. They have switched to a network provider, but still insists on the safety of the public. Their high level of customer service satisfaction has allowed them to win the BBB Accreditation award. Talk to your loved ones in a correctional facility with unlimited opportunities to save.


Securus Technologies provides services that are backed by big names like Vimeo and JPay Services. They offer high definition video interaction that encourages their customers to pay a small flat fee for remote visitation. Thousands of customers are now choosing Securus over other networks like Global Tel-Link. Their prices far exceeded their regular surcharges $4 to $1. Securus provides fast friendly service and eliminates dropped calls. You’ll never have to plan a trip to a correctional facility with interactive technological features and this benefits their disabled and out of state customers.


Securus Technologies Services


Advanced Pay Options


Advanced pay features leave you feeling energetic about spending time with your loved ones in a correctional facility. Pay over the phone or use their website to utilize programs from a registered account. You must be 18 years of age or older to register for an account.


Inmate Voicemail


For as little as $1, you can leave an inmate in a correctional facility a voicemail message. They can check their messages when they have access to their phone privileges.


Join the premier Securus Technologies team today and stay connected to your loved ones in a correctional institution.