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The Innovation of Slyce

Individuals who love to shop and love to look for ideas for clothing will now be impressed with the latest technology in image recognition. Despite the traditional use of image recognition for security purposes, product recognition can now be used for retail shopping. Now shopping has been made easier than ever because individuals only have to find one article of clothing they like rather than having to search through different databases and online stores to find it. As image recognition has become more and more relevant in today’s technology, one company in particular has become the lead company in image recognition and in visual search. This company is called Slyce and has been able to beat out any competitor with this company’s superior technology.

With the help of Slyce’s leadership team, this company has created a flawless visual search option for the consumers and those who love to retail shop. Thanks to Slyce, this technology has begun to shape the future of the internet and commerce. In the next several years, it is expected that the brick and mortar shopping experience will slowly fade away to be replaced by a new experience in customer engagement within the retail industry. With high standards for the technology and for the marketing team, this company is worth the try thanks to the new and inventive ideas that this company has provided to the consumer.

The app that Slyce provides only requires an image to be downloaded within the database. This process is so simple that one does not need to know the science behind this innovation. All that is needed to know is how to snap an image and download it within the database. Once this process is completed, the image itself should be found or a similar image with added information such as the price and what store it comes from. This product is a flawless experience to the customer and provides immediate results online without having to sift through multiple databases.

Slyce technology can be used for multiple purposes that includes snapping images to buy a product, snapping images to find out information on a product, or snapping an image to make a list. This technology now allows for the customer to find clothing or other objects in a real world setting. All one has to do is snap an image of what is desired and a list of information and similar objects will appear.