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The Brown Modeling Agency re-innovates the fashion industry in Austin Texas

Justin Brown was born in Nevada and raised in California. He worked as a model and at a modeling agency while he was in college studying Business Management. HE eventually got a job training models to operate like a pro. In 2005 he Moved to Austin Texas where he started a development business that later evolved into a full service modeling agency.

According to Market Wired, Justin is the owner and operator of Wilhelmina Brown. He is also the President of Brown Modeling Agency in Austin, Texas. Brown Agency is a full service agency that is licensed by Wilhelmina Brown Agency. The full service agency was opened in 2008. In Austin the clients are looking for talent with a different vibe than you would typically find in other places, like Dallas for instance. Austin clients are looking for a more alternative look such as piercings, tattoos and funky hair.

The Brown agency has over 450 talents that they find work for. The talents in this agency range from the ages of 5 to 80 and up. The talents are of all genders, ethnicities and physical types. They work with many regional, national and international clients in film, fashion, commercials modeling and print. The Brown agency is the leading agency in Austin, Texas. The Brown agency selects the best of the best and preps them to conquer a bigger market level. They make sure that their clients receive professional and dependable talent. This is achieved by training them to let their story show in their modeling, known as art in human form. This agency moving to Austin helped develop the industry in Austin with its own unique style. They take their talent as far in the industry they want to go. Justin Brown still has connections on both coasts, due to working in numerous agencies before starting his own business. A lot of the models and talent in Brown Modeling Agency work for some of the biggest brands in the world, such as well-known makeup and vehicle companies. The Brown Modeling agency has open call for anyone interested a modeling career, every Thursday in Austin.

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