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How Kate Hudson and Fabletics Are Harnessing The Power of The Crowd To Win At Ecommerce

As any fashion insider would probably tell you the world of fashion is changing at an exponential rate. Some major voices in the world of fashion blogging have taken a step, as has been noted by the fashion blog Man Repeller. The blog also notes that a famous French fashion retailer has chosen to close down her business, a move that sent shockwaves through the fashion industry. Even New York Fashion Week, one of the industry’s marquee events does not seem to have the same flair that it once had. As Man Repeller has pointed out larger and more creative designers have left the city and chosen to work in other cities and the focus in the fashion world seems to have somewhat shifted away from New York City to other global fashion capitals such as Paris.


Some of the most interesting designers and budding fashion icons working today are people who did not get their start in fashion at all. One of the most exciting presentations at fashion week as given by the pop star Rihanna who released another installment of her FentyXPuma sportswear line. The audience at Rihanna’s fashion show was treated to eye-catching stunts performed by motorcyclists who jumped to death defying heights over mountains of pink glitter that had been placed in the showroom.The models wore summer and spring-inspired clothing in bright colors such as pink, orange and green and the designer-singer herself greeted the crowd by riding through the showroom on the back of a motorcycle. Pop force Beyonce also recently released the most recent installment of her athleisure fashion line Ivy Park which featured actress Laverne Cox of Orange Is The New Black fame as one of the fashion brand’s spokesmodels. These days it would seem that female celebrities are making major waves in the world of fashion and actress and co-founder of athleisure company Fabletics is no exception.


Kate Hudson got her start as an actress and earned her acclaim through winning a Golden Globe for her role in the film Almost Famous. Since then Kate Hudson has appeared in many other film and television projects. More recently she has been spending much of her time working with business partners to build up Fabletics, a company that she co-founded into the success that it is today. Fabletics has been able to succeed where other companies are struggling by establishing itself as a digitally native company first and then branching off into the world of physical retail. As a company that got its start online Fabletics realizes how important the power of the crowd is. Rather than discounting the voice of its customers online, Fabletics has chosen to embrace those customers and follows the comments they leave in their reviews about the company’s clothing and service closely. Fabletics monitors those reviews not merely as a form of damage control but as an opportunity to understand how their customer thinks and how they can serve their customers better. Kate Hudson has been able to help the company succeed by providing important insights to it.


Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon and a founder of Jennifer Walden, M.D., PLLC and Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. PLLC being a private company, offering plastic surgery as well as ambulatory surgery and it is based in Austin, Texas. Walden was raised by parents in the medical field in Austin, Texas, the father was a dentist and the mother a surgical nurse. Her decision to join the University of Texas was no surprise. At Texas University, she obtained her undergraduate degree in Biology and she went to join the medical branch in the same University where she graduated as a salutatorian.

She began her residency at the Texas University Medical branch but later on at the Manhattan Eye, Throat and Ear Hospital got a fellowship in aesthetic surgery .After completing her fellowship, she worked in New York City, Eat side for more than seven years where she participated in medical trials and with her help silicone breast implants got reintroduced.

It’s was in the year 2011 that she returned home to Texas after the birth of her twin sons and opened a private practice in Westlake Hills. She has received recognition as the best plastic surgeon in America 2015 by American Way and in the same year got featured in the Daily Mail article on labiaplasty as a spokesperson for the ASAPS. This is one of the reasons she consults for other aesthetics companies such as Venus concept, Ideal Implant, ThermiAesthetics, and Sciton.

Her procedures are technology oriented where she uses Vectra, 3-D a technology for imaging. The imaging technology enables her to visualize patients before undertaking surgery. Further, for purposes of vaginal tightening and rejuvenation, Walden uses ThermiVa, a system that is temperature-controlled and that uses radio frequencies. In breast surgery, she uses developed instruments that use accurate science and surgery that is ASSI instruments.

Dr. Walden is also a co-author of “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” and is involved in many philanthropic activities in organizations such as Junior League of Austin’s Food in Tummies program and Austin Smile. Diane Mariechild once said that a full circle is what a woman is and in her is the power to create, nurture and transform. Indeed Dr.Walden is a full circle.

Jason Hope’s Society and Technology Insight For The Future

Jason Hope can see the future. Seeing the future for Hope means making predictions for the future of technology and its importance in our everyday lives. Hope is a believer in the the power of IoT or the Internet of Things. He brings his insight to the world of technology and the future of our society as it partners with technology in all ways.

Arizona entrepreneur Jason Hope capitalizes on the importance of consumer devices partnered with technology. In today’s world buying groceries, finding a date, securing transportation and controlling your thermostat can all be done via internet through smart devices. Hope sees the future of society and technology as a whole. He also sees it as something we take on the road with us with travel. As the Internet of Things becomes a part of consumer’s daily lives, they will expect the convenience every day even when traveling. Jason Hope sees IoT expanding next into the hospitality industry. Instead of hospitality employees dealing with issues, technology will take over. Items can be billed and inventory monitored through smart systems.

Jason Hope created his own mobile communications company early in his career. With this foundation Hope could show the world how technology connects all places with people and things even if they are not in the same vicinity. The future of all of these things must rely on technology to push forward. The success of Hope’s marketing wasn’t in commercials and print ads, but all rolled into technology. Hope believes in using electronic marketing such as social media as a way to keep people connected and generate new business contacts. The future of technology in marketing as well as other areas leads Hope to making changes in the world.

One way Hope looks to change the world is through the future of technology’s partnership with medicine. Instead of money and research, Hope believes more emphasis should be put on technology and action. He is passionate about disease prevention that can stem from technology that helps catch diseases in their prime. This might not save all lives, but might enhance the quality and quantity of a patient’s life. Quality of life will help improve society thus reinforcing Hope’s believe society and technology will be one in the future.

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Seattle Genetics: Creating Breakthrough Cancer Treatment Therapies

Biotechnology continues to be an industry of great importance. The top companies in this industry develop some of the most cutting edge medicines, treatments and medical breakthroughs. Things that seemed impossible only a few years ago are now happening. This is in no small part thanks to leaders in the industry, like Seattle Genetics.

As a biotechnology company, Seattle Genetics works toward developing cutting-edge therapies to help treat cancer. They lead the biotech industry with regards to Antibody-Drug Conjugates, which use the power of certain antibodies to target cancer cells for delivery of agents that will kill those cells. These delivery systems work to avoid causing damage to any cells that are not targeted to help reduce the side effects associated with chemotherapy.

In addition to their development and commercialization of Antibody-Drug Conjugates, the team at Seattle Genetics also continues to work on breakthroughs for medical issues that are not being directly addressed effectively right now. In other words, Seattle Genetics is working diligently to create new biotechnology solutions that may very well lead to better treatments for people in the future.

Of course, no company can blaze a successful path to the future in such a high tech, medically-related industry without great leadership. Seattle Genetics was founded by Clay Siegall, Ph.D. He started the company back in 1998 and serves as its CEO and Chairman of the Board today. Dr. Siegall has specialized training and experience with cancer targeting therapies. Before he founded this company, he worked with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Institute from 1991 to 1997. Over the years Dr. Siegall has received plenty of awards, including 2013 University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math.

As healthcare issues continue to be of importance to most people, it is companies like Seattle Genetics that are sure to be leading the way to new breakthrough therapies. This company is a great example of how cancer treatments continue to improve by leaps and bounds and is likely to continue to for many years to come.

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Your Hair Reborn

There’s been a lot of internet buzz on YouTube about Wen cleansing conditioner. Supposedly it’s a miracle product that cleanses your hair without over drying. But does it live up to the hype? Could one hair product really replace shampoo, conditioner, mousse, and styling products?

In testing Wen, Emily McClure became the hero I never knew I needed. She starts out by taking a snapshot of her “before” hair. It looks thin, and weighed down with grease, hairspray, and the everyday wear and tear our hair goes through during the course of twenty-four hours. Initially she admitted to some skepticism. How could a moisturizing conditioner keep her hair from looking weighed down and dirty? But ever the explorer, she dedicated her hair to a full week of washing with nothing but cleansing conditioner. She even provided a before and after picture for every day of her experiment. Now that’s the scientific method at work! The photos have not been edited in any way, nor was there a professional photographer involved. It’s just Emily, her camera phone, and Fig Wen cleansing conditioner. This is what she found.

I was feeling trepidation as I scrolled down to look at her first “after” picture. In my mind there was no way that her hair could’ve survived so much moisturizing without looking dirtier than before she showered. My jaw dropped after day one’s “after” picture. Lucious, shiny, clean-looking locks met my disbelieving eyes! I eagerly scrolled down, noticing how each and every day made her hair look even better than the day before.
By the end of the week Wen turned Emily (and myself) into a believer. I can’t wait to buy on Amazon my own bottle of Wen cleansing conditioner.

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Jessica Boskoff – The Creative Force Behind Twenty Three Layers

Chrissy Ott, founder and owner of The Perfect Palette, an award winning wedding blog, recently featured Jessica Boskoff in the Stylist Spotlight. Jessica is CEO and founder of Twenty Three Layers, a NYC based firm that specializes in full service event planning and design. Her creativity, love of color and texture, and just plain fun designs, are an inspiration to Chrissy.

The post included a recent shoot designed by Jessica to celebrate her brand’s new look. The shoot was a testimony to her creativity, her artistic approach to styling and, above all, her love of whimsy. It was a simple, still shot done mostly in white. The only pops of color were from some pastries displayed at various levels, flowers, and pastel colored cushions stacked on a white stool. A soft, yellow leather chair with an afghan completed the elegant, but inviting scene. Jessica added that she loves soft pastels, and she chose to work those into the shoot with cupcakes iced in soft green, a pink layer cake, and doughnuts with pink icing and pastel sprinkles. Soft pink peonies added texture and another pop of color.

Jessica stressed several times throughout the interview that fun and playfulness are very important to her, and she used quirky props to add the perfect touch of whimsy – a large white balloon with silver streamers in the background, black and white polka dotted stilettos on the floor, and a pair of large X and O bookends done in gold gild, on a pile of books. Her artistry is evidenced in every small detail, and she would be the first to tell you that it’s always all about the details.

Jessica Boskoff is doing what she loves, and doing it extremely well. She feels that her style and artistry are always evolving. Chrissy ended the interview by inviting anyone who is planning a special event in the future to check out the website for Twenty Three Layers for more details on their planning and design. From formal to fun, they promise an unforgettable event.