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CTRMA to Alleviate the Transit Problem of Williamson County

Along with the growth of a region comes the need for expansion of the transit system. Without catering to that need the transportation in the said region becomes congested, time-consuming and it can even become very dangerous.

That is exactly the problem that Williamson County, Texas has been experiencing recently. At the Williamson County Growth Summit, the transit problem for the area was first and foremost on the agenda. At the Summit were present some people whose duty is to take care of such situations.

For example, some of the guests were Mike Heilingenstein, Joseph Kopser, and Jared Ficklin. The latter is a part of ArgoDesign and works as a road system designer. He made the suggestion of building an aerial gondola system as a solution to the transit problem of Williamson County.

Mike Heilingenstein, who is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, however, disagreed with the suggestion.

He agreed that there had been a long list f inventions in recent years that have potentially alleviated the traffic in many places all over the world. At the same time, driverless vehicles are not a readily available means of transport, and ridesharing apps are not at all as widely used as they should be to make a big difference.

 Heilingenstein pointed out that the transit system of Williamson County is an excellent one and instead of starting from scratch and building something entirely new, it would be better to only work with what they have and expand upon it and make it good enough to accommodate the needs of the citizens of the area.

At the rate of which the region is growing there would be no time for bigger projects. Everyone at the Summit agreed with Mike Heilingenstein. What the suburbs of the County need are smarter building.

According to Crunchbase, Mike Heilingenstein and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority will be overlooking the project. The CTRMA was established in early 2002. It is an agency independent from the government.

The responsibility of the Central Texas, Regional Mobility Authority, is to take care of the regional transportation of the greater Austin area and to make sure that the transit systems in places such as Williamson County are as safe and as efficient as possible. One of the first and most remembered projects on the CTRMA is 183A which was the first road to transition to an electronic collection of tolls without the use of cash.

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