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Kim Dao Shares Best Makeups

Kim Dao, a well-known person on YouTube, along with fellow YouTuber Sunnydahye, recently shared their favorite makeups of 2016. Each shared their own top 10 products so there were 20 featured altogether.

The first category is face makeup, and Kim Dao’s favorite is Face Blur. It fills in your pores, gives her a flawless looking finish, and only costs about $10. Sunnydahye chose Milchak Skin BB cream as her favorite. In the next category Kim Dao said Double Lasting Foundation from Etude House was her favorite, and Sunnydahye went with Meterorites by Euerlain.

Kim Dao really likes the BB Cushion April Skin which she says it gives you a full coverage in just one layer. Another favorite of Kim Dao is a mascara base called Dr. Mascara Fixer which makes her eyelashes look a lot longer. Her favorite blush for 2016 was “How ‘Bout Them Apples?” because it features six colors.

Kim said her favorite highlighter for the year was Too Cool For School Artclass by Rodin. Sunnydahye’s next selection was eyeliner/highlighter hybrid called Colourpot and she liked it because it gives her skin a more glowing look. Another of Kim Dao’s favorite 2016 makeups was the bronzer that Too Cool For School puts out.

Kim Dao and Sunnydahye wrap up their list with a Wine Lipstick & Lip Tint products for Kim and Sunnydahye really likes a Kyle Cosmetics lipstick.


Desiree Perez and Jay-Z Make Sweet Music at Tidal


The music industry will never be the same. Everyone seems to be going digital whether they want to or not. There has been a lot of talk about how fewer hard copy discs are being sold. People are much more interested in getting their music in digital formats. The music streaming concept may be even more convenient (and cost effective) than buying music through iTunes or Google Play. Jay-Z realized this early and made a mad dash at buying Tidal. It seems to be inevitable that Jay-Z would share in the profits that were earned by Spotify and Pandora. Something happened though. Leaders that were running Tidal would step down twice after Jay-Z purchased Tidal. This would lead to a lot of trouble for the music streaming service.

There is one thing about Jay-Z that people recognize right away. He doesn’t go down without a fight. It would be Dez Perez – a woman that is also known for her not-going-down-without-a-fight spirit – that would help Mr. and Mrs. Carter bring Tidal back from the brink of doom. Desiree Perez is not a name that rings a lot of bells right now, but people are starting to get to know a lot about her. She has been around for a long time, but web streaming is new business for Perez.

Fortunately, Dez Perez knows how to negotiate contracts like no one else. If people trace the history of Roc Nation Sports they will see that Desiree Perez did some serious contract negotiating at this point in time. She would be important in helping Jay-Z build his empire of different businesses.

Jay-Z has a nightclub on the east coast. Desiree has a nightclub in the south. Jay has been able to learn from her. He wanted a part in sports, and Desiree has been able to help with negotiating contracts there as well. She may not be someone that everyone knows, but she doesn’t need a spotlight to do the type of work that she does. Perez isn’t even officially on the lineup for the Tidal staff. She just has a deep friendship with Jay-Z that extends over the years. Her advice has been valuable, and she has continued to be a real asset to Jay-Z and Beyonc√©.

It is obvious that Tidal is just the beginning for Jay-Z. People may be curious to see what Desiree will help him do next.

Integrity in the Corporate World With Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison and Integrity

Helane Morrison is an intriguing individual. She adds and upholds integrity in every one of her endeavors. She has an outstanding reputation. She is educated and highly intelligent. She attended Northwestern University and the University of California at Berkley School of Law. Helane Morrison is bringing back integrity into the corporate world. Ethics and high standards can be counted on with this Chief Compliance Officer on any job.

Integrity is Upheld
The corporate world is experiencing more integrity and the glass ceiling is being shattered in many ways. Helane Morrison has held numerous positions in her career. She has an outstanding reputation for maintaining high ethical standards. The global economic crisis had started in the year 2007. Many people were dismayed and shocked when institutions begun to crumble and then relied on the government for a bailout. Unemployment rose during this crisis and individuals across the nation began to wonder who they could trust. Many people were wondering if their investments were safe too. The absolute worst financial crisis had hit the nation. The loss in trust was a result of the corruption that had been exposed. American’s had lost faith. This includes the faith that they once had in Wall Street. This is where Helane Morrison steps into the picture. It is impossible to try and intimidate her.

The Many Roles of Helane Morrison
Helane Morrison holds several roles at Hall Capital. The following are included in her positions:
* Chief Compliance Officer
* General Counsel
* Managing Director
* a member of the firm’s Executive Committee
Morrison joined this firm in the year 2007. She has a remarkable background and she offers her solid experience to her positions at Hall Capital. Helane is indeed bring integrity into the corporate world.