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Things to Know about Bridget Scarr

Bridget Scarr is a creative producer as well as a writer who loves developing exciting content across various platforms. She is also a singer and songwriter. She has produced a variety content for different media formats from television to digital content to augmented reality to virtual reality to interactive exhibitions her projects resonate significantly with large audiences emotionally and intellectually.



Bridget went to Rhodes University where she acquired numerous skills in Film Production, Marketing, Brand Communication, Business Management, Business Strategy, Content Creation, Creative Development and Creative Direction among others. Currently, she resides in London, United Kingdom. She worked more than 15 years as an executive producer, a period during which she mainly involved in creating animations, advertisements, and drama for television.



She worked with Pollen Creative Media where she was a partner and Managing Director from January 2008 to present. Together with her partners, they created the company from virtually nothing. Starting with $10 000 and five employees, they managed to transform the business into a big success with over 200 employees. Today, Bridget is in charge of content development, partnerships and strategy at Colibri Studios where she oversights development of new ideas. Her job here involves collaborating with international broadcasters, project partners, and creative talent to bring projects to life. Late last year, Bridget co-founded a company, livRE VR, together with Farid Seba. The firm seeks to provide a platform that allows viewers to live realities through experimental engagement.



Bridget Scarr uses computerized reality systems in her latest works. She recently did a piece that combined history education with augmented reality. This allows viewers to experience life during a specified period. She believes that virtual reality and augmented reality could be used to improve education, for instance, young people can maximize on the opportunity and create exciting exhibitions that can entertain in museums.



Bridget’s first company had to close shop because of internal collapse. The company went through financial difficulties, and her partners had to leave as they were unhappy. They ended up starting competitor companies forcing the company to fail. She lost everything at that time and only bounced back after listening to her inner creative voice.



She loves meditating in the morning before commuting to work then works till noon, then she has a daily family lunch. She has more free time in the afternoons when she can reply emails and watch TV. In the evenings, she enjoys taking her son for a walk and play in the park.


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