How And Why Jason Hope Supports The SENS Foundation

Jason Hope is a digital entrepreneur who is highly interested in anti-aging research. One of the main ways he has supported this research is through financially helping the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is a nonprofit that was first established in 2009 and concentrates its efforts on age-related diseases and what they call rejuvenation biotechnology.

Most researchers in the healthcare industry are focused on curing diseases. The SENS Foundation, by contrast, researches how to prevent them from occurring to begin with. This includes diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. Many diseases are related to age, and as people get older they are more susceptible to becoming diseased which is something that the SENS Foundation wants to prevent so that people lead longer lives free of disease.

In 2010 Jason Hope announced that he was pledging a $500,000 donation to the SENS Foundation. When making this announcement he said that he had developed a lot of interest in this nonprofit organization and its mission. He said that the head of the SENS Foundation, Dr. Aubrey de Grey, had caught his attention a number of years before and he believed their approach to disease was inspiring and the only route that makes sense. He added that he was honored to play a role in research that could end human disease and expand people’s lives.

Jason Hope lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He made his name and fortune in the technology industry and released apps in the early days of the smartphone industry. He is now involved in the Internet of Things where every type of device will be interconnected through the internet. He invests in companies that he sees have potential to disrupt entire markets through innovative devices and other technology.

Philanthropy is very important to Jason Hope. Beyond the SENS Foundation he has also supported many other nonprofits over the years. Among the ones that he finds most important to support are those related to children and education. Charities he has supported include the Tony Hawk Foundation, Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, the Andre Agassi Foundation, the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, Teach for America Phoenix, and many others.

Another way that Jason Hope helps others succeed is through a grant program he developed. He has stated that there are young people with great ideas but no resourced to develop them. He has said that even $500 is sometimes enough to get these ideas of the ground which he is happy to provide.

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